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    An English-language comic featuring fantasy/science-fiction themes blended with adult content, though often heavily censored compared to the original material it reprints. It was based off of the French Métal Hurlant but the comic can be found in other languages as well such as Tung Metall (Swedish) and Schwermetall (German). There are also comics that didn't carry the Heavy Metal name but can be considered other language's version of the comic such as Zona 84 (Spanish)

    It has no linear way of numbering issues, so here they are named by the yyyynn system where y equals the year and n equals the number for that year. So for example the 2nd issue released in 2003 would be labeled 200302.

    The number of issues that have been released each year (excluding special editions) is as follows:

    • 1977: 9 (due to the late start)
    • 1978-1985: 12 (monthly)
    • 1986-1988: 4 (seasonal)
    • 1989-2008: 6 (bimonthly)
    • 2009-2010: 9 (bimonthly plus three quarterly specials)
    • 2011: 8 (bimonthly plus two quarterly specials)
    • 2012-2013: 5 (no specials)
    • 2014: 5 so far (as of September)


    Starting with the Fall 2008 Special and beyond, they were combined with the main series and take on the volume numbering of the main series which is now subscribed to as a "nine issues a year" book.

    For specials not incorporated into the main series volume numbering (1995-2008), see Heavy Metal Special.


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