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    Heavy Metal 299, the Mythic Worlds special, assembles yet another impressive lineup of talent to bring you the best in science-fiction and fantasy, including legends like Richard Corben and Philippe Caza; repeat contributors like John Bivens, Peach Momoko and Steve Mannion; and numerous first-timers. We're taking readers to the edge of fantasy and beyond with this specially curated issue. Covers are by Giovanni Maisto, Brom and Sean Andrew Murray..

    • "Murky World" Chapter 13, by Richard Corben
    • "Revenge of the Cicatrix" by David Baillie & Conor Boyle
    • "Americon Dreamin'" by Scott Duvall & Ralf Singh
    • "Thirteen Deathless" by Charles Fetherolf
    • "Familiaris" by John Reppion & David Hitchcock
    • "Dogma Resistance" by Matt Medney & Morgan Rosenblum
    • "Les Fleurs de Mort" by Steve Mannion
    • "Invisible Touch" by Jok
    • "Getting to the Church on Time" by Robert Randle & Martina Fari
    • "Tuonela" by Hannu Kesola & Axel Medellin
    • "Confess" by Peach Momoka
    • "Wedding" by Philippe Caza
    • "Lust" by John Bivens
    • Gallery: Michale Whelan
    • Gallery: Sean Andrew Murray

    Heavy Metal 299 is available in three covers:

    • Cover A: by Giovanni Maisto
    • Cover B: by Brom
    • Cover C: by Sean Andrew Murray


    • A Faerie Tale Wedding
    • Les Fleurs de Mort
    • Wedding
    • Gallery: Sean Andrew Murray
    • Confess
    • Dogma Resistance
    • The Highwayman
    • Gallery: Michael Whelan
    • Murky World Chapter 13
    • Vices Lead Lust
    • Redemption and the Cicatrix
    • See What Thou Wilt
    • Americon Dreamin'
    • Familiaris

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    ACover A (Nierika/Liquid Mind)Giovanni Maisto1
    BCover B (Succubus)Brom2
    CCover C (Fiddler Crab On the Roof)Sean Andrew Murray3

    Note: The digital edition (7/1/2020) for this issue was released before the print edition.


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