Heavy Hitters

    Team » Heavy Hitters appears in 15 issues.

    The official Initiative team of Nevada.

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    Norman Osborn, Taskmaster, and Hood wanted control over the Initiative, so they moved Gravity to the Great Lakes Initiative Hardball had already defected to HYDRA.  Taskmaster then put Prodigy (a strong and courageous yet violent, impulsive, and irresponsible hero who had once drunkenly fought Iron Man) on the team.  The team seceded from the Initiative shortly after Norman Osborn took control.  

    Story Arcs

    Fear Itself

    Commander Steve Rogers informs Prodigy of the unknown meteors that have fallen from the heavens and mass panic is on the horizon. Rogers asks Prodigy to gather heroes on a volunteer basis to help keep the peace and lead a new Initiative where there is no forced conscription or registration. Prodigy agrees to become the leader of the new Initiative and most of the former Initiative teams gather in Washington DC including the Heavy Hitters.  
    The Heavy Hitters try to stop the Juggernaut in Las Vegas after he obtains a mystic hammer and is transformed into one of the Worthy as Kuurth: Breaker of Stone. The Heavy Hitters consist of Hardball, Nonstop, Telemetry, Komodo and two new members, Debrii and Rage. Nonstop lures Kuurth into a deep hole created by Debrii but the Juggernaut reappears a few moments later. Kuurth is truly unstoppable and the Heavy Hitters can barely slow him down. The Heavy Hitters are forced to retreat when their leader, Hardball generates a powerful energy ball and appears to sacrifice himself to stop Kuurth. Hardball's valiant effort to stop the Juggernaut appears in vain as Kuurth emerges from the explosion and walks away unscathed.

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