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    Heatstroke is a member of the Masters of Disaster, a mercenary group for hire with meta-human abilities based on the destructive elements. She has the domain of fire,able to emanate heat and fire and fly on thermal drifts.

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    Deadly love
    Deadly love

    The redheaded beauty named Joanne and taking up the masked title of Heatstroke is a bit of a mystery. It is known that she and her fellow member Coldsnap of the mercenary group Masters of Disaster were at onetime lovers and continued to have a love connection. Apparently Coldsnap experimented on their genetic makeup and changed them, giving Joanne the meta-human powers over heat and fire around her. However Joanne could not control her own body temperature, and since Coldsnap had given himself cold based abilities neither could touch each other anymore.

    In hopes to gather enough wealth to be able to somehow reverse their conditions or at least allow them to control them better they took on the identity's of Heatstroke and Coldsnap. Selling themselves as mercenaries for hire they only joined the Masters of Disaster in order to gain enough money to find a cure and return to being lovers once more.

    The Masters were out of commission for a while, imprisoned in the Slab. When Geo-Force was wrongly arrested, he too was put in the Slab, inspiring the Masters to engineer a jailbreak. They and Geo-Force escaped but did not clash that day.

    Later, an accident happened that fused Heatstroke and Coldsnap into a hulking, baroque monstrosity after attempting to devise a cure. They called themselves Heatsnap and renewed their life of crime as independents in order to solve their now even worse condition. As they were buying a super-weapon from a gadgeteer called Fixit, they were apprehended by Aztek and the Batman. Batman arranged for researchers and funding from the Wayne Foundation to be made available to cure their condition.

    New 52

    Heatwave and New-Wave attempted to break Coldsnap and Shakedown when they were being transported to Belle Reve along with Deadshot. The guards were ready for any attempt and Heatwave and New-Wave were quickly stopped and incarcerated.


    Fire fight!
    Fire fight!

    The fiery red headed Heatstroke has been genetically altered and now has the ability to raise the temperature around her and create extremely high levels of heat. Now her own natural body heat is considerably high, always causing small enclosed spaces to feel quite warm.

    Due to her high body temperature which she generates she is unable to physically touch her former lover Coldsnap. She is also extremely sensitive to cold temperatures and can be seriously injured by such an attack.

    This particular control over heat allows her to also send fiery blast from her hands, create thermal uplifts which can carry and propel her in the air and fly, a usual tactic of hers is to do aerial attacks.


    Marital Status: Unknown

    Known Relatives: None

    Group affiliation: Masters of Disaster

    Base Of Operations: Mobile

    Height: 5‘5” Weight: 125 lbs

    Eyes: Blue Hair: Red


    Heatstroke was created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo, first appearing in Batman and the Outsiders #8, March 1984.


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