Heather McDaniel Hudson

    Character » Heather McDaniel Hudson appears in 296 issues.

    Heather was previously bonded with the great beast Tanaraq and could morph into Sasquatch, but is now free of Tanaraq. She stayed with the Exiles as mission control.

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    Note: For Heather McNeil Hudson, aka Alpha Flight's Vindicator see here.


    Heather Hudson was a young woman whom made a deal with the great beast known as Tanaraq. This allowed her to transform into the beast known as Sasquatch. Thanks to her abbilities, Heather soon became a member of the Canadian superhero team known as Alpha Flight where she met and later married Wolverine.


    Sasquatch was created by Judd Winick. Sasquatch first appeared in Exiles #10 (2002) written by Judd Winick and drawn by Mike McKone .

    Major Story Arcs

    Joining the Exiles

    Some years after her becoming a member, she was suddenly forced by the Timebreakers to join the interdimensional team of mutant superheroes known as the Exiles. With her ability to transform into a Sasquatch she helped the Exiles on various missions.

    Losing Powers

    On a mission in a magical-transformed reality Tanaraq took control over her body, but the Exiles managed to free Heather of Tanaraq with the help of Shaman. This however cost her the abbility to transform and she once again became a normal human. After losing her powers, Heather remained with the Exiles as mission control. After a mission gone wrong on Earth-1720, Heather believed her fellow Exiles to have died. She started drinking and eventually gave up as mission control, going back to her home reality where she is currently living as a soon-to-be mother.


    Heather can magically assume the form of the Great Beast Tanaraq, and call herself Sasquatch, she is also a genius.

    As Sasquatch, she looks to have the same abilities of Sasquatch.

    It's unknown why, but she referred herself as a mutant, but she hasn't shown any other mutation.


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