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The daughter of a wealthy industrialist, Heather Glenn first met Matt Murdock when he returned to New York City after living in San Francisco. They began dating, and she helped Matt open a law clinic. 


Heather Glenn was created by Marv Wolfman and Bob Brown and first appeared in Daredevil #126 (1975).

Mayor Story Arcs


Heather and Matt
Heather and Matt

Their relationship was stormy at best, especially after Heather learned Matt was Daredevil. She blamed Matt for her father's suicide, unaware of the Purple Man's involvement. However she cared very much about Matt and even risked her life to track him down once he became confused after his powers were damaged. Matt and Heather eventually resolved their differences, but trouble arose when Matt took down Heather's business after her inexperience caused it to be controlled by criminals. She agreed to marry him, but still blamed him for causing the business to crash (she even believed that he did it) so she wouldn't have another commitment to interfere in their relationship.


Heather's suicide
Heather's suicide

Foggy and Black Widow, believing her relationship with Matt to be the cause of his stress, wrote fake notes to each her and Matt. Heather's note was supposed to be from Matt breaking up with her and begging her not to call, and the reverse was the note Matt got. Heather committed suicide after realizing they would never again be romantically involved.

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