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Heather was a lover of Starfox in the past. At some point she was sold into slavery, and purchased by Pro-Boscis the Procurer, who used a bracelet to trap her within a Pleasure Cruiser, and force her to serve as one of his prostitutes.

Heather encountered Pip the Troll on Sirus X, she wanted his help to free her from Pro-Boscis, promising him unbelievable pleasure if he succeeded. Pip managed to cut the cable holding Heather, but Pro-Boscis appeared seconds later. Pip managed to defeat Pro-Boscis, then Starfox showed up, and Heather  kissed him. She gave Pip her former Pleasure Cruiser as reward.

Heather started a  business for herself. Eventually, she fell in love with Dark Roger, the Monarch of the Mystery Planet. However, Roger wanted to establish a "hundred year contract" with Heather, and she wasn't ready to settle down. When Roger refused to take "No" for an answer, Heather  sold herself into slavery to Aaron the Aakon. Eventually, she became the property of Axel the Rescorlan.

Starfox came to Heather's rescue, pretending not to know her, but picking her out for purchase as a companion. However, as he didn't know if he had enough credits to pay for her and haggled the Rescorlan into a frenzy. However, as she left with Starfox, Axel regained his senses and sent the rest of the Rescorlans after them. Starfox flew Heather to his father's fastest ship, and the two took off.

As Starfox and Heather relaxed together, their ship crashed into the Principle of Reasonable Return, the ship of Aalbort the Aakon, which had been assaulted by Azunbulxibar and his warriors. Heather watched as Starfox outsmarted and banish the warriors, and then she hugged him, calling him, "My hero!"

Heather accompanied Starfox to a the planet Kotzwinkle, one of the busiest centers of commerce in the galaxy. She was very impressed when he bought  her a bracelet of cubic zirconium, which was so rare that it could only be found on Earth. They later went to the Check Lounge III to meet up with one of Starfox's old friends, the musician Howling Wolf. As they talked, they were interrupted by Dark Roger, who proposed to Heather. When she refused, he transported the entire club to the Caverns of Silence of his Mystery Planet. Howling Wolf then transformed into wolf form and drove off Dark Roger and his men, while Starfox reversed Dark Roger's device, returning them to Kotzwinkle.

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