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    Anastasia is a paranormal and part of a group called Psi-Force. She is the healer of the group.

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    Before going to the Foundation she lived in Russia with her mom and dad. Her parents sent her to live with her Aunt and Uncle in Kansas. Until they were killed in a car accident. She went back to Russia to live with her parents, but was stopped by a man saying her parents were died. She knew he was part of the KGB. She was sent to the Foundation where there was other paranormals. After a diagnostic was done at the Foundations, Inc. On the PSI Force kids, it was determined that Inyushin's paranormality was derived from a “mysterious gland in her neck which secretes an enzyme through her pores.” When Inyushin comes into contact with another being, her touch acts as a “stimulant” and targets the other organism’s “antigen system.” However, Inyushin’s healing ability is limited to the amount of strain and fatigue she is willing to absorb during the healing process. The more she heals the more she feels the pain of who she's healing. She can also help plants grow with her powers.


    Anastasia Inyushin was created by Stephen Perry and Mark Texeira in 1986 and first appeared in Psi-Force # 1. 


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