Team » Headmen appears in 39 issues.

    Most likely one of the strangest groups in the Marvel Universe. Consisting of deranged scientists, they bent on revenge against the world for outcasting them. Each of them has a strange feature with their heads.

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    The Headmen are a group of would-be masterminds who use magic, science, and surgery to gain superpowers. They fought the Defenders, She-Hulk, and Spider-Man on different occasions.

    The members are Dr. Arthur Nagan, Chondu The Mystic, and Dr. Jerry Morgan, a.k.a. Shrunken Bones.

    They were later joined by Gerber's newly created Ruby Thursday (Thursday Rubinstein), who ran for President of the United States and was the instigator of the death of Omega The Unknown. In the same issue, Doctor Strange declared that Chondu's real name was Harvey Schlemerman, and Jack Norris the husband of the body Valkyrie was inhabiting.

    Taking over the World.

    At one time, when the newly reformed Defenders where away from earth, the group managed to invade a large part of America. During this time, the Headmen sought havok and revange on all those whom had wronged them in the past. Luckily they where finaly stoped by the combined powers of the Defenders and other earth superheroes. Even with these crimes, the Headmen managed to stay out of the hands of the law.

    Heroes for Hire
    Some time later, the team also fought the newly reformed Heroes for Hire team, where there was one cassualty to grieve, namely Heroes for Hire's newest recruit Orka. A reprogrammed  Doombot shot a hole through his chest. After this, they where soon defeated but fled, and nothing has been heard from them since.


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