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    The Vengeful Spirit of the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow

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    The Headless Horseman tale began in the year of 1776 when an unknown Hessian mercenary was hired by the British Army to aid them in the Revolutionary War. Being very brutal in battle, he was considered a true monster, but one day his head was accidentally decapitated when a cannonball blew his head off at Sleepy Hollow in New York. According to legend at the Headless Horseman would return from the grave seeking his head or looking for a replacements.

    In 1820, Washington Irving a writer wrote the book "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" based on theses events, proven neither true nor otherwise. Only in recent years has the Headless Horseman made two appearances, once when three investment brokers planned to use the Sleepy Hollow legend against each other but were surprised when the real Headless Horseman appeared. The second when a corrupt Businessman and some of his associates used the Headless Horseman to try and kill a police officer. The original again appeared and gave them all heart attacks.

    Other Versions

    Grimm Fairy Tales Version

    In 2012 the Grimm Fairy Tales universe featured its own Headless Horseman, this one based in modern day. The character is the result of college bullying gone bad.

    Other Media


    In 1999 Sleepy Hollow was a period horror film directed by Tim Burton. The Hessian was played by actor Christopher Walken.


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