Character » Headhunter appears in 8 issues.

    Jungle Warrior who participated in the Bloodsport. Ended up getting his head chopped off by Mister X.

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    The Headhunter was one of several combatants that participated in a fighting event called the Bloodsport hosted by the Viper in Madripoor. The Headhunter's first opponent in round one was Oddball of the Death Throws. Headhunter would make quick work of his opponent, causing Oddball to tremble in fear when he let out a terrifying scream. Oddball was apparently slain by the Headhunter's sword. Headhunter's second fight was a curtain match with an unknown opponent. Headhunter entered the giant cage with a large, red curtain draped over it and was beheaded by Mr. X.


    Headhunter was created by Dan Fraga and Frank Tieri in 2001 and first appeared in Wolverine # 167.


    Headhunter is a large imposing figure that wears a ceremonial, tribal mask and wields a large sword.


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