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    When Jailbait leaves Max Damage, a second Jailbait is created...but not for the reason you might think.

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    The daughter of a rich family, Annie was kidnapped by a couple guys wanting to hold her for ransom. She was saved by the criminal trying to become a hero, Max Damage.

    When Annie was saved, she asked Max how she could repay him for saving her life. He then gave her a skin tight suit in the hopes of tricking his enemies think that Jailbait was still with him, thus protecting her from those that would look to go after her.

    He then takes Annie with him as he busts up a gun ring, then fleeing the cops to make sure the 'word was out'. Annie in the meanwhile is trying to sneak calls to her friends to come 'save her'. Annie is also apparently a lesbian at one point telling Max that if he's looking for sex she's 'not into, ya know men'.

    When Annie returns home, she finds that her family has been murdered by the Diamondbacks, a gang of racist white punks that murder people of different orientations and put films of it on the internet. Having nowhere else to go, she tries to track down Max. She's unable to find him, but does find the recently injured Jailbait in a hospital room and makes off with her costume.

    Annie decides to stay at Max's side. Being that she is of age and refuses to listen to Max, he decides to change her name to Headcase.

    She briefly has a run as a super hero and is able to defeat a hero (seemingly) who has gone mad and attempts to flush out Max to try and kill him, a hero named Arsonal (it's not specified if he is or isn't a hero but his conversation with Headcase seems to indicate he doesn't trust Max and only intended to attack him, thus pointing to slightly more altruistic motives).

    In the long run she goes crazy and now is in a psychiatric ward.


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