He-man coming to Earth would make for a great comic book?

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I always felt that the only way to make He-man a truely popular and a cultural icon, would be if either DC or Marvel put him in his own title and had him visit earth. Afetr all his Mother is from earth and that makes him half human. Why would'nt he want to visit his roots? Think of the heroes and villians you could put in this series, the story lines would be fantastic. Than we could see fights like Hulk,Thor,Fantastic four,X-men,Superman,Apocolypse etc; My personal opinion is that He-man is of the class of the the truelly powerful giants of the DC and Marvel world. Let me know your thoughts!
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He-man works well enough in his own universe. He has a great supporting cast and I'm not sure why a series hasn't been attempted. A crossover, set on Earth, would be good though.

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I thought it was revealed that Eternia was in fact either earth or inhabited originally by astronauts from earth in the original comics?

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GL Bertron says:

"I thought it was revealed that Eternia was in fact either earth or inhabited originally by astronauts from earth in the original comics?"

Really? thats the first time i've heard that! and i've got another thread re: he-man and his comparison to the marvel/dc hereos and where he stands!

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A comic set on Earth with the Marvel heros would be similar to the What If book when Conan was broght in. I would love to see a battle of He-man and the Hulk or Thor. To have him fight Thor then team up against Skelator and Loki. Classic!

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I've thought of that very same thing before. Would be so cool if he did a short stint on the JLA or something. Loki and Skeletor are a great team up too.

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I thought He-Man has already been on Earth and he has faught Superman.

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He thought Superman on Eternia.

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i rather see his bad buys come I love Try clops and Bladmaster is cool altho he is nothing special.

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Why is it someone I don't care anyone can’t seem to write, a good He-Man comic book, I mean take a look at The Thunder Cat …. They were a toy and TV show and yet D.C. thru Wildstrom can make this work is it that He-man and The Master have no more depth as an 2x4 peace of lumber ? Or is it that no one seems to take him to the direction that works? Is He-Man DOOM to fates like Alf, or The Visionaries? Can no one writer and make us care ? S.T.T.B Mach ;{>

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It's the curse of Dolph Lungren, who has ruined several characters who may have had a chance at renewed life if he hadn't stepped into those roles on film. Ivan Drago, probably his only impressive role, would have been a great comic villain. But He-Man, ruined; Street Preacher from Johnny MNemonic, ruined; The Punisher, almost ruined. Ok I think he did pull off Chris Kenner in Showdown in Little Tokyo, but I'm probably reaching on that one. And as for Andrew Scott (Universal Soldier), Don Rickles could have pulled that off.

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The Punisher from 1989 was the best Punisher film of the 3. Dolph in no way ruined that movie, it was awesome.

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