He-Man and the DC Universe

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So now that He-Man is owned by DC I was wondering if he is now a canon figure in the DC Universe? I know the Masters of the Universe have an upcoming cross-over with the Justice League but I wasn't sure if that series will be canon or just a what-if. So is he officially in DC or not?

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To the Masters of the Universe series the crossover is cannon. but other than that Im not sure. if we get more of a mention of the series in the issues of say Justice League Dark or even the likes of Superman (Cause skeletor would own his ass). than yeah I could see the series being cannon to the who universe.

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@mchotcakes: I thought this might we worth a relevant bump as I have just finished reading the first two issues of the crossover. Personally I hope it is canon as there are some potentially very interesting panels ; particularly in the He-man vs Superman fight. Also the effectiveness of pan-dimensional magic.

I get very confused by the whole 'canon' business. It seems the number one trump card in discussions. As far as I would guess...these are all trademarked characters so only authorised bods can give the nod for others to use the material...so everything must be canon then.

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