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    The granddaughter of the Gambler. She was horrified after her grandfather lost his fortune gambling, and killed himself. She wants to avenge her grandfather's death.

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    The character named Hazard first appeared in Infinity Inc. #34 in 1987 and was created by Roy Thomas.


    Rebecca (Becky) Sharpe's grandfather was the criminal known as the Gambler and was a member of the original Injustice Society of the World. After being recently paroled from prison, Stephen (the Gambler) Sharpe gambled at Seymour Taj's Taj Mahal Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, the games were fixed to ensure that Taj could control the outcome. Although he was a master gambler, Stephen Sharpe gambled away all his money.

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    His spirit totally broken by his defeat, Sharpe fatally shot himself. Sharpe's granddaughter Rebecca was determined to avenge him. Somehow she had gained the psionic ability to influence luck and probability through the use of special dice.

    Becky Sharpe made her first public appearance as Hazard in the company of other members of the new incarnation of the Injustice Society. Hazard agreed to join Injustice, Unlimited on condition that the group refrain from committing murder. The group's leader, the Wizard, assented to her terms, although he had no intention of abiding by them.

    Injustice Unlimited made the businessmen attending an international trade conference in Calgary, Canada their prisoners and held them to ransom. Members of the original Infinity Inc and Global Guardians were present to guard the conference, but felt compelled to do the bidding of Injustice Unlimited, who held Hourman II captive - and had also hypnotized the Global Guardian known as Ice Maiden.

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    Accompanied by Wildcat II and Tasmanian Devil, Hazard went to Taj's casino and used her powers to win games there - thereby avenging her grandfather's death by causing financial disaster to Taj. Suspecting that the Wizard planned to leave and take the money for himself she confronted him she also realized the Wizard was willing to kill their opponents, Hazard considered leaving Injustice Unlimited. But before she could, the Infinitors and Guardians regrouped as help arrived In the form of Fury, Solomon Grundy and jade. As she attempted to help Artemis, her dice failed to affect Grundy, who then tossed Artemis into Hazard knocking her out. The rest of the group was defeated in battle by Infinity Inc and the Global Guardians.

    Sometime later. Harlequin recruits the other Injusticers back with a plan to set them on the right path of crime. She recruits The Dummy to lead them and to make Infinity inc pay. Hazard only goes along with it to get money and ONLY if it involves Infinity Inc members. They arrive at the H.Q. of Infinity Inc where Stripesy Dugan was the only person there. She used her Dice to trip him up allowing The Dummy and Harlequin to surprise him. When it was revealed that the Dummy was going to kill not only Dugan but his son, this was a bridge too far for her. She secretly tossed her Magic Dice near a power switch cutting off the lights, just before the Dummy fires. This allows Dugan and his son to temporarily escape.

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    Harlequin thinks it all too convenient, she and The Dummy plot with each other, that if Hazard had a hand in this, she would be killed along with them. Panicked Hazard picks up Dice as she moves away from the two. She knows they don't trust her. But her fears are assuaged as Artemis and Icicle arrive and they recapture Dugan, even though his son escapes.

    As other members of Infinity Inc return they engage Injustice Inc in battle. As usual, Hazard stays away from the fight holding back. As Artemis battles Wildcat, The Dummy asks hazard to use her Dice. She lies saying she left them behind in the building, thus Helpless to aid them. As the fighting winds down with Infinity Inc. victorious, Wildcat Confronts Hazard planning to beat her down. But Hazard tells her she didn't help for a reason, as she's had it with the "Creeps" of Injustice Inc. Stripesy defends her saying he noticed her saving the lives of him and his son with her dice. She is taken into custody with the others.

    During the Interim, Hazard Apparently moved to the Supervillain have Island known as Zandia, perhaps to escape her criminal activities.

    Sometime later Hazard Joined with the Zandian Team lead by Monsieur Mallah to compete in the Australian Games, where they intended to ensure victory for their side by cheating. She used her dice to cause Tina Thomas to injure her arm by scaring a Kangaroo who knocked her into a rock filled bush injuring her arm. The next day, she, Merlyn, and his trainee were heading back to their residence when they encountered Superboy. They engaged in battle with Hazard using her dice to try and affect outcomes. But Secret entered her body and used the dice to her teams advantage. Moments later the Justice league appeared and defeated Hazard and the others within seconds.

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    She alone was blamed for the injury to Tina Thomas as some form of Jealous fit but was represented by an Attorney whose child was held hostage by the Zandian ruler.

    Hazard later appeared with other villains who were hunting for male superheroes were turned into animals by Circe. She and Baby Boom encountered Animal Man, hazard using her Dice to trip him as Baby Boom destroyed a building around him. Circe, along with Hazard, and many other female criminals were beaten. Hazard herself being easily defeated by Fire.

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    Hazard has not been seen since and her current whereabouts are not known. She has most likely returned to Zandia, or simply gave up her life of crime, as she was not a terribly violent woman.

    Personality & Characterization

    In her few appearances, Hazard gained a well-developed personality and set of motivations.

    At first, she was purely out for revenge and money. But she had a code of honour. She despises violence and murder. Confronting even people more powerful than she in regards to violence. Even under threat of her own demise, she won't kill another. She often shows an open contempt for her more violent teammates, considering them lower than thugs. Often calling them "low-lifes" and "Creeps". She can be cowardly and sneaky, unwilling to confront a foe alone, but will when they are distracted by a teammate and not paying attention to her. But once she casts her dice, she'll fall back until it's clear to retrieve them.

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    She does have a love of money. It is unknown if she is broke or owes debts to others. But she'll often team up with criminals against her own morality to get cash, if reluctantly. But has been known to sabotage her own team if they try to kill innocents. This leads to others not fully trusting her. She's not much of a team player but will help for her own ends.

    She also demands respect from those younger than her, forcing them to call her MS. Sharpe or by her Codename, Hazard.

    Other features and Attributes

    Hazard has a mole on the left side of her chin, just below her lips.

    • Height: 5' 6"
    • Weight: 136lbs
    • Eyes: Green
    • Hair: Red/Reddish Orange


    Hazard has Psionic powers she used in conjunction with special dice to influence the Probabilities of a particular outcome as she wishes. She can cause good luck or non-lethal "accidents" to impede someone. She can influence events around an individual she tosses the Dice at for a stronger effect, and within a small area near her.

    Some of the feats she has shown are.

    • Tripping: Where she causes a target to lose their balance or collide with an object sending them prone.
    • Good Luck: At the Casino where she allowed those near her to always win their bets, or on gambling machines.
    • Power Nullification: By causing the power to short out near a power switch, sending a room into darkness.
    • Object Weakening: Where she caused the wing on the Infinity inc.'s plane to break stopping Jade from flying by. Causing the floor to collapse beneath Jade and Nuklon.
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    Her Dice also seem to be unable to affect things that Luck would have no part of, IE. the Undead. Solomon Grundy was unaffected by her Dice when she tried to save Artemis. Which led Grundy into knocking her out.

    The origin of her powers, the nature of her dice, and the relationship between them are unknown.

    Skills and Fighting abilities

    With her Grand Father being the Gambler, her own words, and from others say about her. It can be assumed that she knows the Ins and Outs of the world of Gambling and traits associated with it.

    She also knows how to speak to people possessing a good amount of Charisma.

    She keeps herself in reasonably good physical condition but has displayed no skill or ability at hand to hand combat. She's not a fighter and doesn't like getting close to combat and is shown to be rather passive unless a teammate is in front of her for protection. She'll back down once confronted directly. She also lacks speed, strength, and toughness, fairly fragile, she is shown to be easily defeated in each shown confrontation. Without her dice, she is weak, helpless and no threat at all.


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