History of Katar Hol "Hawkman"

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Katar Hol is the son of Paran Katar, who is considered to be the last of the great men in the history of Thanagar, a planet in the Polaris solar system. Paran Katar was the inventor of the large artificial wings that enable the planet's policemen, known as the Wingmen,to manuever in flight. Paran also discovered the 9th anti-gravity metal. Katar Hol eventually became a member of the Wingmen.

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I am looking for the Hawkman comic in which a petty thief being chased by Hawkman suddenly acquires powers using which he outwits hawkman. A gang leader tries to make him work for him(the gang leader). The petty thief refuses & strikes out on his own. Can anybody help me trace that story ?

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