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Zatanna bursts onto the scene in "The girl who split in two." The story begins with Carter and Shiera Hall (Hawkmann and Hawkgirl) being mystified about the sudden appearance of two artifacts in their museum. Hawkman travelled to the city of Yin in China's Hunan province to discover the secret origin of a Shang Dynasty statue, while Hawkgirl flew to the Hill of Tara ruins in Ireland to do the same for a Celtic ceremonial cup.

What each of the Hawks found was an immobilised woman dressed in top hat and tails. Meeting back in their orbiting spaceship, the Hawks realised that they each had one half of the same woman. Following the woman's instructions, they put her together again and heard her story.

Zatanna explained that she had been casting a spell to find her lost father (Zatara) and found clues that led her to an evil Oriental lama and a sinister Druid. Zatanna had split herself in two, but had been immobilised at each location. Frozen in place, she had magically caused the artifacts to appear in the Hall'smuseum in order attract their interest.

Using their Absorbascon ( a kind of before its time internet search engine) to learn if anyone on earth knew anything about Zatara, only to draw a blank. Dismayed, but determined to continue her search, Zatanna left the Hawks.

The second story, the cover story of this issue sees Hawkman trapped by a huge magnetizing machine. The Nth metal in his anti gravity belt offering him no escape from said machine. Only by divesting himself of all metal objects could Hawkman get to the bottom of this case.

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