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Hawkeye by Francesco Francavilla
Hawkeye by Francesco Francavilla

Earth's Mightiest Marksman shot me in my heart, and your to late.

I have been a Hawkeye fan since I was a little kid when I picked up marvels 1990 series marvel cards. In that pile of cards I had kept together 3 characters I thought were the coolest of all: Sasquatch, U.S.Agent and Hawkeye in his Avengers West Coast costume.

I used to wake up early every morning take some money from anywhere in the house and make my way to a comic store in Winnipeg, Manitoba called "Styx". Now this place was huge....but with that being said I was small. I would go into the basement area where the owner would keep old issues and sell them for 25 cents a issue. So I would go down there with my bag of quarters and grab any issue that even had Hawkeye on the cover. There I picked up his mini-series with War Machine and I thought to my self "this is amazing". Now I didn't learn about Mockingbird until I was about 9 years old I stumbled upon that issue at a friends house. His older brother had it and I fell even more in love with the supporting cast in that mini series. If you have no idea which mini-series I am talking about, it is the most Iconic solo he did prior to Jim McCann's series.

The Man Who Raised Me.

After years of growing up idolizing Hawkeye for : His ability to push his physical limits, Never giving up on anything, his child hood and how he rose above what his father was. This was characteristics I wanted for my self. I grew up had a family of my own, I joined the Canadian Forces and was put on tour for well, if you know politics you know where I went. Anyways I saw overseas McCann was given a chance again with Lopez to do a "Ongoing" Series with Hawkeye and Mockingbird. Well I lost my mind with joy I got my wife to send me issues overseas and helped me get through things. When I came home Marvel decided that it wasn't a ongoing series anymore and that it was a mini part of a bigger plot. Widow Maker was ok. Blindspot was spot on, because Jim wrote it. When Jim wrote all the mini's and part of Widow Maker (if you ask me Widow Maker was not conceived by Jim but Duane Swierczynski) it brought me back to the days when I was a kid all over again.

The Now, Bro.

When I heard about Matt Fraction writing Hawkeye for NEW "Ongoing". I was scared I G-man about Fraction and asked what he thought about Fraction writing it. He gave me some reassurance on his writing ability but I still needed to see for my self. So I picked up Defenders that is an pretty good series but great but good. I then found Ironfist series and he really knows how to write solo books. I waited and waited for issue #1 to come out and finally on Aug 1st I picked up my copy. How did I feel after I read it? Well I'm here so share my hopes and fears for this series. I have hopes that Matt stays as writer for the series for a long time and that Barbra Morris and William Cross eventually make appearances in the series. My biggest fear for this series is one factor....Marvel. I know at some point they will cancel it or worse give the series to a writer who knows nothing about Clint and the work that writers like Mark Gruenwald , Jim McCann, and Matt Fraction . and just absolutely bastardize the character. How did I like Issue #1? It was worth the wait, Bro.

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I can't wait to see issue 2 especially with scenes of Kate bishop in the next issue

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Hawkeye is freakin amazing dude. I share your love for the purple clad archer, "and do infact own his first mini XD" I started reading old Avengers and West Coast Avengers my dad had and just freakin loved his character. If Fraction can pull out a long term quality solo series for one of my top 3 characters, I will will forgive him for his run on X-Men, hell I may give him "one of my favorite writers" status. Hawkeye 1 was awesome, here is waiting and hoping for an awesome issue 2.

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As much as I've hated Fraction for his work on X Men, I really loved Hawkeye number 1. Looking forward to this. Might redeam Fraction in my eyes.

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I loved the first issue. I never liked Hawkeye but this ONE issue made me an instant fan.

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Hawkeye is Awsome

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