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Hawkeye is one of the best characters in the Ultimate Universe and its about time he got his own book.
 Iron Man got one, Captain America got one, Thor got one with Hawkeye being so popular why did it take so long be fore he got one?

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@spiderbat87: I love Hawkeye. He is my favorite Avengers character. But the three you named having their own book and comparing Hawkeye to them is like comparing Green Arrow to Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Every one knows that when it comes to the Avengers the "BIG" 3 are Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. Just like with the Justice League. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are the "BIG" 3 there as well. So it makes sense for them to have their own book. But I'm with you. It took a long time but hey its finally coming and I can't wait.
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I like his ultimate costume. Makes me wanna read Ultimate comics just for that

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#4 Posted by RedHoodJT (538 posts) - - Show Bio

The Ultimate Universe is way better than the original one. Everyone is a badass. In their own way of course. Lol.

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He's the coolest hero of the Ultimate universe

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