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I made an executive decision here.  It kind of bothered me that we have this nice full Hawkeye page that mainly deals with Clint.  When he decided to go as Ronin, we had to start listing "Ronin" in the issue credits.  With the last Secret Invasion and Bendis' tease that Clint may or may not be taking up the bow and arrows again, I re-named the Hawkeye page as Clint Barton.  Kate Bishop who did get Clint's blessings to go as Hawkeye does have her own "Kate Bishop" page and never really got comfortable on the Hawkeye page.

What I would love for you guys to do is fix any dead links to the old HAWKEYE page.  That means if you know of any page that was supposed to link to Hawkeye, the link will no longer work.  I already changed the link on the West Coast Avengers page.  So if you know of any and want to change them to this Clint Barton page, that'd be awesome.

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