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As Expected.


Not really one of my favorites.  It's not that it's altogether bad, since it is sort of fitting, it's just not very appealing.

The Good:

The fight scenes were pretty cool, and the art, even though it's divided among five to six different artists, flows smoothly from panel to panel.  Had I not seen the title page crediting different artists, I wouldn't really be able to tell the difference and for me that's certainly a bonus considering I'm not usually a fan of when comics have different artists.

The Bad:
The dialogue just seems forced or corny throughout most of the issue.  Zemo's reasoning is pretty silly, too, and the ending is very expected.  It's not really  a cliffhanger because I can almost guarantee how the next issue is going to begin, but of course, I'll keep that to myself so I don't reveal too much.  


 I understand that this is meant to show possible evolution in the character (or maybe throwing him away for a while, though I doubt that, especially if he's going to be in the Avenger movies- this doesn't seem like something Marvel would do since they'd be relying on his sales from the movie to push some more stories with him in it) but I'm beginning to doubt the purpose of it all, especially if you consider what I just mentioned.  What I mean is that if he loses his vision, he will regain it back just in time for his full appearance in Avengers in 2012-2013 because well, that's just what Marvel would do...


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