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Hawkeye, and Mockingbird, awake in bondage. Hawkeye, and Mockingbird, have been taken captive by Bombshell, and Oddball. Crossfire reveals himself to be the mastermind behind the criminal operation. Crossfire reveals his origin. The man who would become Crossfire once worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. Crossfire broke away to build a private army, intent on fomenting disorder, for profit. Knowing his plans were at cross purposes with heroes like the Avengers, or the Fantastic Four, Crossfire began the "Undertaker Project". Completion of the prototype device brought Crossfire into conflict with the Moon Knight, and the Thing. Crossfire was lucky to escape the encounter.

Crossfire set up his base of operations in a mortuary, The Rest Well Funeral Parlor. It is the very same parlor the Avengers used to lay their comrade, the Whizzer, to rest. Crossfire intends to murder Hawkeye, to draw a large number of the super-hero community to Hawkeye's funeral. There, under the influence of the Undertaker device, the various heroes in attendance will be driven into a murderous frenzy. Though the most powerful heroes will likely survive the bloody combat with their peers, guilt over their murderous actions will drive them to retire.Thus, Crossfire will be able to carry out his schemes without heroic intervention.

Crossfire has targeted Hawkeye as the bait for his trap, as he deems Hawkeye to be the weakest, and thus, easiest to kill, of the super-hero community. Hawkeye, and Mockingbird, are dragged towards, and locked in, a test chamber. Crossfire activates the Undertaker device. Though they valiantly resist the subliminal waves of murderous rage being broadcast into their brains, Hawkeye, and Mockingbird, eventually give in, and begin fighting. Stripped of their weapons, the battle is brutal and merciless To Crossfire's surprise, Hawkeye's hand-to-hand fighting prowess proves the equal to Mockingbird's. Oddball suggests turning off the Undertaker, to determine how long it's effects linger.

Though the majority of his weapons have been removed, Hawkeye manages to lay hands on a hyper sonic arrowhead, hidden in his tunic. Placing the arrowhead in his mouth, so that it's ultrasonic frequency resonates throughout his skull, Hawkeye is able to block the Undertaker's signal. Hawkeye defeats Mockingbird, without killing her, then collapses, feigning unconsciousness. Bombshell, and Oddball, are sent into the test chamber to retrieve them. Hawkeye uses Oddball's own weapons to render both Oddball, and Bombshell, unconscious. Hawkeye confronts Crossfire, who has taken up Hawkeye's own bow against him.

Crossfire finds that he doesn't possess the arm strength to draw the bow. The explosive arrow Crossfire attempted to draw falls at his feet, and detonates, knocking Crossfire out. Hawkeye races back to tend to the injured Mockingbird, openly weeping until she regains consciousness. Bombshell, Crossfire, and Oddball, are turned over to the authorities. Hawkeye attempts to hide the fact that his gambit to resist the Undertaker has left him deaf. Mockingbird forces him to reveal his newfound handicap. The two elope, and honeymoon in upstate New York, where they establish their new crime fighting partnership.

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