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    Hawkeye » Hawkeye #3 - Cherry released by Marvel on December 2012.

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    Hey bro, this issue is Amazing.

    Synopsis: Clint explains the nine terrible ideas he had all in one day.

    I. Love. This. Issue. I mean, I love this series so far, but there’s something about this particular issue that makes it my current favorite. It has everything the first two issues had, plus more. By the time you finish reading this issue, you will start calling your friends “Hey, bro.”

    Again, the first page makes you wonder what the hell did Clint do to get himself in this position yet, he states it’s only his third terrible idea of the day out of nine. From there, we see all sorts of crazy things happen. First of all, besides normal arrows, Clint has a number of different trick arrows. HOW DOES HE KNOW WHICH ONE IS WHICH? (I asked this about Green Arrow). After reading this issue, I don’t even care anymore because, hilarity insures in the next few pages, from Clint hawk diving naked, to trying to save a woman who he slept with (who’s NOT Spider-Woman by the way) when he was supposed to buy a car from her, not to mention, buy tape to label his arrows with. Hence, a crazy highway chase with Clint and Kate fighting off, with disorganized arrows, a weird group of Russian tracksuit mobs that love to say “Bro”. Matt Fraction is having too much fun writing this series. It’s hilarious, has great action, and insane all at once. Oh, did I mention that there are no supervillians in this issue?

    David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth also continue to impress with both the artwork and coloring. It’s not as purple like the previous issue, but it’s still pretty. Everything flows nicely with Fraction’s unique storytelling including the humor. I’ve never laughed so hard in my entire life.


    Again, this is my favorite issue so far. If you haven’t checked out Hawkeye yet, do yourself a favor and do it….bro.

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