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Plot: Um... stuff happens.

Story and Script

I've got to say I've been a bit disappointed with these last few issues of Hawkeye. I feel like Matt Fraction has really been experimenting with storytelling, and that's great. Changing up the usual formula from time to time can be nice and refreshing(Buffy the Vampire Slayer was great with this). However I've felt for the most part it's all kind of fell flat. This issue kind of continues the trend.

The issue focus's mostly on Clint trying to get money via letting the tracksuit mafia beat him up, and some flashbacks to his childhood. I don't get what the whole point of the issue is, him trying to get the money was just bizarre and didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. The plot felt like it was thrown together last minute, and the flashbacks were extremely cliché.

The dialogue was stellar, I love how Fraction gives each character their own distinct voice and way of talking. There's also a new random dog in the wake of Arrow/Lucky/Pizza-Dog's departure with Kate. Also the tracksuit bros dialogue is always worth a laugh or two.


The art is so damn good. So much attention to detail, great emotion, and the panel work has a very cool retro feel. Francavilla does a good job subbing for Aja in this issue, and really captures the retro feel. His art on this issue(and the last issue he worked on) was the saving grace of this issue. Without it the score would have been a two.


Unimpressive, had I been able to, this issue would have been a 2.5. There were some funny and enjoyable moments, but not nearly enough. I really hope the book gets back to it's former glory, because if not I may have to drop it.

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