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...And Business is Good

I have four dogs in my household: a boxer, a toy fox terrier, a Japanese chin, and a half Bichon Frisé, half Lhasa apso. They are truly omnivores, eating socks, underwear, and action figures in addition to any unguarded human food. I love them all, but I wish they were more like Pizza Dog.

"Arrow," a.k.a. Pizza Dog made his debut in Hawkeye #1 - Lucky, and has since grown on me and most of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. This issue illustrates why perfectly. Jack London was the coolest, animal-loving racist writing in his time, I suppose, but his man [w/help of trusty dog or wolf] vs. nature stories were never as fun as "Pizza is My Business," which is told from Pizza Dog's p.o.v. The narrative was so surprisingly engaging, each panel giving perspective to the shocking ending of issue 9 that I will probs cry like a bitch if this book when the other shoe drops and this book is like every other @*$^in' Big Two comic today.

So, I read in the preview for this issue that the ending was a jaw-dropper, and I steeled myself for the Old Yeller, "Pizza Dog is going to get shot" ending. What happens instead... no spoilers... it was very surprising, though. Pick this book up and prepare to have your repertoire of how comic book stories can be told expanded in one slim issue.

Enjoy. Darby, SIlas, Misha, Zoe, and I did.

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