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Hawk's real name is Clayton M. Abernathy and he was born in Denver, Colorado. Hawk comes from a wealthy family whose influence enabled him to enroll in West Point where he graduated at the top of his class. He was even able to gain experience in the battlefield in several trouble spots. Hawk is extremely intelligent and perceptive.

Training and Abilities

Hawk's primary military specialty was armor. He graduated from Advanced Infantry Training, and Covert Ops School.

Other Versions

In Danger Girl/G.I. Joe, Cobra intercepts an explosive device recovered by the Joes and also captures Scarlett and Flint. It is soon revealed that Abbey Chase is deep undercover as a member of Cobra. The president of the United States arrives and orders the Joes to stand down, but Cover Girl circumvents that by contacting Johnny Barracuda who enlists the help of the Danger Girl team.

The team arrives and exposes the president as an impostor (a disguised Zarana.) Three teams are made to both rescue Abbey and stop the weapon - the first consisting of Low Light, Stalker and Snake Eyes; the second consisting of Snow Job, Sydney Savage, Roadblock and Cover Girl; and the third team consisting of Sonya Savage, Jinx and Johnny Barracuda. Back on the USS Flagg, Lady Jaye, Deuce, Duke, Silicon Valerie and General Hawk provide support. At the Cobra compound Abbey is revealed as a double agent after trying to free Scarlett and Flint.


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