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    Hawk Ryo was a Twi'lek Je'daii Ranger who was active at the height of the Infinite Empire's reign. Hawk's father was one of rulers of the Nine Houses of Shikaakwa and his older brother was Volnos Ryo. He was an experienced Ranger and also a very skilled pilot.

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    Hawk Ryo was a Twi'lek male born into the wealthy family Clan Ryo on Shikaakwa but due to his Force sensitivity, he was taken to Tython to be trained as a Je'daii. He would pass his trials and become a Je'daii Ranger (the ancient equivalent to the current Jedi Knights) and serve in the Despot War, making a name for himself among his enemies.


    Hawk was created by John Ostrander to be one of the reoccurring characters in his Dawn of the Jedi series, which takes place 25,000 years before the Original Trilogy of Star Wars movies as part of the Extended Universe.

    Major Story Arcs

    Early Life

    "Fresh from the victory of the Despot War--we hungered for adventure. The chasm, forbidden and mysterious, drew Lok and me like shadowmoths to flame. The tales of chasm madness? We ignored them as fables. We'd fought a war and survived. We were invincible."

    -- Hawk recalling his venture into the Abyss of Ruh with Daegon Lok.

    Hawk on Fury Station .
    Hawk on Fury Station .

    Hawk was taken from his home on Shikaakwa at a young age to go to Tython, where he attended the Temple of Padawan Kesh until he was old enough and skilled enough to be promoted to a Je'daii Padawan. After training under a Je'daii Master, he attained the rank of Je'daii Journeyer and traveled to each of the nine Temples of Tython to master the teachings they taught. It was during these travels that the ruler of his homeworld, Queen Hadiya, gathered followers and grew in power, challenging the Je'daii because she didn't want to submit to the will of the Force. Hawk would participate in the war, named the Despot War, making a name for himself through the campaign. At this time, he also had an intimate relationship with fellow Je'daii Rori Fenn, although they would break this off soon after to focus on their training.

    After the war, Hawk traveled with his close friend and Je'daii Master Daegen Lok into the Abyss of Ruh, a deep chasm under Anil Kesh that was said to drive all who ventured too deep mad. While down there, the two Je'daii have a Force Vision of a shadowy man wielding a blade of fire, leading a dark army against Tython. Hawk pulled Lok out before they could go any deeper and they went to the Je'daii Council, who they told about the Vision. Lok told them about his Vision, but Hawk claimed not to have seen it, causing the Je'daii to send Lok to their prison moon of Bogan. Hawk would spend time on Bogan as well, however, but would frantically try to convince himself that the vision was false and that Lok had simply gone mad. When the time came for him to leave Bogan, Hawk became a fully fledged Je'daii Ranger, traveling the system in order to lend aid wherever it was needed.

    Force Storm

    "Fury Station detected a large incoming object--something from beyond our system...which then disappeared from their sensors...but not from the Force. I sense something still there. Calculated trajectory leads me to believe it is headed toward Tython. I will pursue in my Pteron fighter. I believe the Masters' Coucil should be informed and put on alert. And Master Ketu be warned--what I sensed was something out of balance...something dark."

    -- Hawk relaying a message to the Masters' Council about a mystery ship entering the Tython system.

    Hawk and Ranger Rori Fenn leap into action.
    Hawk and Ranger Rori Fenn leap into action.

    Twelve years later, Hawk would be stationed at Fury Station, the launch point for Tython sleeper ships venturing into the Deep Core, when he would be informed that the sensors had indicated a ship was approaching the system, and it was an unknown. Since a ship had never entered into the system of its own accord or any of the sleeper ships hadn't returned before, Hawk grew suspicious. The convincing point for him was when the ship disappeared from the stations sensors but not from the Force, as Hawk sensed something dark and calculated that it was heading for Tython. Taking his ship back to the planet, Hawk is surprised to find that the ship had beat him and already crashed near Anil Kesh. He made his way to the crash site, located in the Abyss, but as the Masters had warned him, dangerous storms were erupting around the planet, especially around the crash site. Hawk meets up with fellow Ranger Rori Fenn and Master Quan-Jang to investigate the wreckage, finding signs that Journeyers Shae Koda, Tasha Ryo, and Sek'nos Rath had been there, dueled an unknown adversary, and had traveled deeper into the Abyss in pursuit.

    Hawk takes Journeyer Rath's mount, a large raptor-like creature, and travels with Ranger Fenn into the Abyss on foot, hoping the creature would follow the scent of its Master and lead them to the three young Je'daii, while Master Quan-Jang took Koda's rancor dragon. When the three found the young Je'daii, they were engaged in battle with a large rift worm capable of shooting off Force Lightning. The three elder Je'daii help to defeat the creature and take Xesh, the mysterious man who had survived the ship crash earlier, to Mahara Kesh, their Temple of Healing, to recover. As soon as he recovers, Hawk would take him to Bogan, where Xesh was expected to meditate on the balance, specifically the light side of the Force, and attempt to recover his memory.

    The Prisoner of Bogan

    "Tell me--how were you able to ignite the blade when Shae Koda could not?"

    "Experience. Shae is a Journeyer. She has not mastered her understanding of the balance--or when to allow that balance to shift. I have."

    -- Master Tem Madog and Hawk Ryo testing out the Forcesaber.

    Hawk demonstrating a Forcesaber's power.
    Hawk demonstrating a Forcesaber's power.

    After Xesh was taken into custody, the Je'daii tried to uncover the secrets behind his Force saber but could never figure anything out. Hawk was with the Je'daii Journeyers who had fought with Xesh, as the Je'daii believed they could shed some insight on the saber, when they were invited to the Forge at Vur Tepe. After Shae Koda tried and failed to ignite the blade, Hawk took the handle and ignited it on his first try, cutting through columns of stone to demonstrate the blade's power. After he was asked to explain how he got the blade to work, Hawk claimed that he has mastery of his balance and when to shift that balance, citing his time spent on Bogan as a factor. Not soon afterwards, the Je'daii present would be informed that prisoners had escaped their cells on Bogan, and Hawk traveled with Rori Fenn and Shae Koda to the moon in his starship to investigate.

    On Bogan, Hawk would investigate Lok's cell, finding a tunnel that led Hawk and his Je'daii companions to a large cavern where a statue of Lok stood wielding a Force saber. Hawk would then tell his fellow Je'daii that he shared Lok's vision and theorized that with the help of Xesh, Lok intended to create an army to fight the invading force in their visions and use Xesh to craft him a Force saber. He then informed the Je'daii team consisting of Sek'nos Rath, Jake Fenn, and Bel Zana that Lok was headed to the planet Krev Coeur and then Nox to construct his saber after gathering a crystal. Hawk took his team to Nox, intending to cut off Lok and Xesh after they left Krev Coeur.

    On Nox, Hawk tasks Shae Koda to track down Xesh through their bond in the Force, leading them to a cantina Lok and Xesh had just visited. As Hawk ran into some old friends of Lok's at the cantina, he escaped through the roof to believe he had found Lok and engaged him in a duel, only to realize he was fighting an image of Lok in his mind, not the actual person. Chastising himself for being fooled, Hawk made his way to the spaceport with Rori Fenn, heading to his old family estate on Shikaakwa to catch Lok.

    Hawk and Master Ketu discuss Hawk's vision and the arrival of the Infinite Empire.
    Hawk and Master Ketu discuss Hawk's vision and the arrival of the Infinite Empire.

    Landing on Shikaakwa, Hawk meets up with Senk'nos Rath and his new "ally", Trill, and infiltrate Clan Ryo's stronghold, finding Lok and Xesh inside. A fight ensures, and as Lok uses the Force to collapse a ceiling, Hawk manages to hold up the rubble to allow Rath and Fenn to engage the two escapees. As Lok defeated Fenn rather quickly in a duel, Hawk jumps in to take her place, dueling his old friend with Xesh's Force saber. After Lok attempts a Mind Twist, Hawk overpowers him and pins him against a wall, confronting him about his vision and his plan, telling him the Je'daii need to stay in balance. Xesh would soon jump in, and as Hawk defended himself, Lok managed to cut off his Hawk's right leg at the shin. Luckily for the Ranger, Shae Koda was able to convince Xesh to turn against Lok and seek balance. Hawk would have his leg replaced with robotic prosthetic in the next few days, allowing him to still continue his Je'daii responsibilities. At this time, though, the Je'daii Seers had their own vision of a dark army invading - Xesh's old masters, the Rakatan Infinite Empire.

    Force War

    "He's magnificent. He's terrifying. Lok's always loved glory and now he bathes in it."

    "He loves war. That's why he's so good at it. More so than any Je'daii should be."

    -- Hawk and Rori Fenn discussing Daegen Lok.

    Hawk piloting a fighter in defense against the attack from the Infinite Empire.
    Hawk piloting a fighter in defense against the attack from the Infinite Empire.

    As the Infinite Empire invaded the system, the Je'daii and their forces were able to repel attacks on Shikaakwa and Tython before having some other systems taken over. Hawk would participate in most of the battles from the cockpit of his starfighter, leading aerial attacks and defenses against the Rakatan forces. A year into the conflict, Je'daii and their allies would be moving in towards the main force of the Rakatans on Shikaakwa, pushing back the Flesh Raider forces until they ran into Rakatan Annihilators, the ancient precursor to the Spider Walker droids used by the CIS in the Clone Wars. Hawk led a strafing run on the Je'daii's position, destroying the Annihilators and eliminating a large portion of the enemy ground forces. This resulted in a much needed Je'daii victory as Shikaakwa was one of the biggest benefactors left helping the Je'daii in the war effort.

    He would then lead a starfighter squadron against Rakatan ships after the enemy attacked Ashla, devastating most of the moon's and other settled worlds' forces. Despite being outnumbered, Hawk would hold off the Rakatan forces from attacking Tython for a fair amount of time, allowing the Je'daii forces planet side to prepare and mobilize themselves.

    Martial Skill

    Hawk dueling Daegen Lok on Shikaakwa.
    Hawk dueling Daegen Lok on Shikaakwa.

    Hawk was a skilled duelist, fighting his way through the Despot War and managed to use a Force saber with ease the first time he wielded one, despite other Je'daii needing to train in order to use it effectively. He could engage Daegen Lok, who was a General during the Despot War and was able to slaughter an entire battalion of enemy soldiers by himself, in a duel and get the upper hand when other Rangers could not. He was able to fight off a large rift worm and a mutated slash rat that was twice his size without any strain, and his ability to survive the Despot War despite the Je'daii being outnumbered shows his skill in fighting multiple enemies as well.

    Force Abilities

    "Don't worry. I'm in balance--and I intend to stay that way."

    -- Hawk when asked about keeping the Forcesaber, which utilizes the dark side of the Force.

    Hawk was a skilled Force wielder, using powers such as Telekinesis and Beast Control fairly well. He could calm Sek'nos Rath's mount after the creature had attacked him, sense the Force Hound Xesh as he made his way into the Tython system and intended to travel to the planet itself, and pin the powerful Daegen Lok to a wall with Telekinesis after resisting a Mind Twist attack. He claimed to have mastered his understanding of the balance, as he was the only Je'daii out of a large group able to activate Xesh's Force saber, whereas a Je'daii Master failed to do so. His time spent on Bogan has allowed him to know when to shift his balance to either side of the Force to allow for greater results in certain situations.

    Piloting Skill

    Hawk was a very skilled pilot, leading aerial assaults against the Infinite Empire's forces on multiple occasions throughout the Rakatan's invasion of Tython and its neighboring systems. His skill would allow him to pilot and lead his forces to key victories in the air, holding off superior forces and destroying overwhelming forces on the ground.


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