Character » Hawk-God appears in 19 issues.

    A fearsome god that empowers Starhawk and who massacred the Watchers of Earth-691

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    The Hawk God is a violent cosmic entity that that plays the role of controlling the "survival of the fittest." But the Hawk God became obsessed with cruelty and destruction. This would result in the Hawk-God committing genocide on the Watchers. He was put on trial by the Living Tribunal, Eternity and the other cosmic beings and was sentenced to be sent back in time as a statue on the planet Arcturus.

    Here he was awakened by Aleta and Stakar. After they found some helmets with mental capabilities, Aleta disturbed one and woke the statue up. The Hawk-God converted her body into pure energy and used her power to assault the planet. With the mind helmet, Stakar was able to connect with the consciousness of his sister, causing a massive explosion. What remained from the explosion was Starhawk - the combined minds of Aleta and Stakar with the power of the Hawk-God.

    He would torment Stakar and eventually get him to seek out his parentage. Starhawk discovered he was the son of Quasar and Kismet and was stolen as a baby by Era, the evil son and impersonator of Eon. The Hawk-God claimed that Era was the true devious deity planning a war of the cosmic powers.


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