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Hank and Don Hall were fairly normal siblings; Hank was very verbal about his conservative views, usually quite hot-headed. His brother on the other hand was liberal by comparison, and while fairly level headed was prone to indecisiveness. Hank thought his brother was a sissy, while Don thought that Hank was an arrogant blowhard. Their father, Judge Irwin Hall, while more balanced, followed the letter of the law. He tried unsuccessfully to teach his boys that most problems could be solved through logic.

They would find however that their father had made many enemies as a Judge. Hank and Don were locked in a room as criminal bent on revenge against their father went after him. Just as Hank and Don who found for the first time they could agree that they wanted to save their father, mysterious voices echoed throughout the room offering the boys a chance to save their father. All they had to do was call upon the powers of the Hawk and the Dove.

Hawk and Dove quickly dispatch their father’s would-be assailants, but find that their father is not as thankful for his vigilante protectors. Hank and Don continue on in secret as Hawk and Dove for several years, even joining the Teen Titans for a time.

Death of Dove

During Crisis on Infinite Earths Dove was killed by a Shadow Demon while protection a child. Hawk could do nothing to help and went berserk. He went on for several years without what he realized was Dove’s calming influence.

Together Again

Finally as he was investigating a string of murders near Georgetown University he was surprised and somewhat apprehensive to discover a second Dove. Dove II was female and shared none of the indecisiveness of the original. During their first encounter Hawk attacked her trying to get her to stop impersonating his brother, but she dodged him repeatedly and he ended up single-handedly taking out a gang that was possessed by a Lord of Chaos.

Despite constantly arguing they managed to hold their own against Kestrel, a creation of the Lords of Chaos meant to replace or turn Hawk to their side. After Hawk was nearly beaten to death by Kestral, Dove was able to protect him and drive off Kestral. Finally once Hank learned Dove’s secret identity (after guessing wrong twice) they agreed to team up to defeat Kestral. As they fought him in the Realm of Chaos, Dove found she couldn’t concentrate; Hawk found himself losing control. When Kestral threatened Dove’s life Hawk intervened on her behalf. Defeated, Kestral returned to his masters in disgrace.

Later, having been lured to Druspa Tau, the home of the lords of Order and Chaos, they discovered that they could remove their costumes for the first time, revealing their true forms. Hawk had a thick hide and had red feathers in place of body hair. Dove seemed to glow, having an ethereal quality and quickly found she could fly. There they joined with T’Charr, the lord of Chaos; Terataya the lord of Order, who were lovers, becoming their avatars on Earth. When they returned, Dove could still fly; Hawk was stronger and was bullet-proof.

Armageddon 2001 and Zero Hour

It was shortly thereafter that Waverider came back in time to the final days of the 20th Century to stop the Monarch from rising. He tests all the heroes and eventually eliminates them all with the exception of Captain Atom, but when he tests him, the Monarch is freed from the time-stream. He quickly captures Hawk and Dove, seemingly murdering Dove in cold blood. This puts Hawk over the edge and he beats Monarch to death, but not before discovering that Monarch is an older version on himself. Driven fully insane, Hank dons the armor and helmet becoming Monarch. Briefly, Monarch served as a reoccurring adversary for Captain Atom. He later, after calling upon the power of Hawk and absorbing Waverider’s time-warping abilities, becomes Extant.

Extant brutally defeats the entire Justice Society, even killing the original Atom and Hourman. He later escaped on the heels of Parallax’s defeat. After confronting the JSA again, they were able to place him on a passenger plane about to crash. Somehow this permanently ended the threat of Extant.

The story of Hawk & Dove could have ended there… it didn’t.


Not long after Dr. Fate ( Hector Hall) believing that the woman who gave birth to his current form is Lyta Hall is surprised to find a very alive Dawn Granger, who had apparently mothered him with Hank Hall as the father. She assists the JSA in defeating the threat of Mordru, Eclipso, and Obsidian.

She finds shortly that her own sister (Holly Granger) is the new Hawk, and they join the Teen Titans as reserve members. Recently they assisted in the defeat of a new Kestrel.


Hawk and Dove’s powers as bestowed by the Lords of Order and Chaos Terataya and T’Charr respectively seem to simply increase abilities already present to superhuman levels.

Hank Hall was a tough and aggressive jock who exemplified a “might makes right” mentality. As such, his abilities as Hawk gave him enhanced strength, stamina, agility, and speed. His heightened durability rendered him almost invulnerable. He also would have an increased healing factor as well. He described himself as only able to focus on whatever his attention was set on at the time as Hawk. Dawn Granger also gained enhanced physical abilities, but also gained the ability to fly and by contrast, Dawn Granger (Dove II), described that since she always was a good judge of character and focused on the “big picture” before becoming Dove; as Dove that she could sense the potential of every person or object in a room and know just the right amount of force to enact upon it to get the most idea result. She knew exactly how/when a thug might react under a given circumstance; when and where they would fire a gun in a given moment.

DC's New 52 Relaunch

It was announced that Hawk and Dove would be included in DC's September 2011 relaunch of their entire line of titles. On September 7th "Hawk and Dove" #1 was released written by Sterling Gates and drawn by Rob Liefeld. It was cancelled after issue eight.

Other Media


Titans (2018)

The Hank Hall (Hawk I) and Dawn Granger (Dove II) Iteration of the duo will appear on the upcoming DC comics live action series airing this year on DC Comic's new streaming platform. Alan Ritchson will portray Hank Hall and Minka Kelly portrays his counterpart Dawn Granger. Both are set to appear in all 13 episodes of the series as part of the Titans team, alongside: Robin/Nightwing, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven.


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