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Read DC Universe presents #1-5... Deadman first!

First of all... I really dig Hawk & Dove. After reading this first issue I wasn't quite sure if I should really pick up the second issue, too, but now I'm already through #5 and must say, it's a pretty good story - it gets better page by page, issue by issue - with brilliant art and colors.

Most of all I like the characterization of the 2 main protagonist (and later on, of other characters, too ... no spoiler intended). The duo of good (Dove) and evil (Hawk), always teasing each other but also complementing each other, works quite well. Enter the Deadman, who's somewhere standing between the two.

Now, the only reason I write this review is because I wished I had have read "DC Universe presents" first. That means the first 1-5 issues of this series and the story arc featuring Deadman respectively. The story in DCU presents seems to have happened before and is the origin story of the Deadman. Don't get me wrong, "Hawk & Dove" doesn't give away anything, it's just that Deadman appears to be much wiser and mature than at the beginning of DCU presents.

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    Hawk and Dove #1 Ok so the only reason I'm subscribed to this title is because I loved Justice League and Justice League unlimited (the animated series). Also I read all of Brightest Day and I liked these two characters. Anyways so this first issue is about Hank (hawk) and Dawn (Dove) stopping a science terrorist's, Alexander Quirk, plans of attacking a washington monument with like a super zombie thing. Hawk and Dove are offered a partnership by Washi Watanabe with the D.C.P.D. Hawk and Dove ha...

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    Review for Hawk & Dove.  The Story: Hawk & Dove stop a plane robbery of some sort of super zombie.  The Good: Well the action scene on the plane was nice and reminded me of Die Hard for some reason. It's nice to see that Hawk doesn't hide his identity as a superhero to his dad. Liefeld's art isn't as bad as I taught it would be.  The Bad: That still doesn't mean Im a fan of the art, it's Liefeld. The close ups on characters faces are plain ulgy to see and the damn lines on the characters...

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