Hawd-Boiled Henwy

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    Hawd-Boiled Henwy is an artificial being created by Gatecrasher as a last resort and new member of Technet. When the timer on his forehead counts down to zero, he self-destructs with tremendous force.


    He detonated himself on his first mission in a failed attempt to destroy Excalibur, but his spirit haunted Gatecrasher afterwards, saying that he died for no reason. In order to get him to stop haunting her, Gatecrasher created a second body for him. Hawd-Boiled Henwy was later seen during a confrontation with the Fantastic Four, when the Technet were called to kidnap Franklin Richards.

    Powers and Abilities

    Since Hawd-Boiled Henwy is an artificial being, he doesn’t need to eat, sleep, breath and he does not fatigue or bleed from wounds. He will eventually auto-detonate however, thereby losing his corporeal form. Another body can then simply be made afterwards to house his essence.


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