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    The early home of Superboy, Kon-El and of other superhero and villains. Superboy was known to be "The Hero of Hawaii". Rex and Roxy Leech, Sam Makoa, Tana Moon, King Shark, Silver Sword, the Suicide Squad, and the Silicon Dragons also resided in Hawaii.

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    Hawaii was formed as a unified Kingdom c. 1782 by Kamehameha I. The Kingdom of Hawaii was illegally overthrown in 1893 by a group of Euro-American business leaders. They formed the legally invalid Republic of Hawaii from 1894 to 1898. The independent state was then annexed by the United States. It served as a territory until it became a state in 1959. It is the 50th and so far the last state to join the Union.

    Hawaii is the 43rd largest state and the 42nd most populous. The capital and largest city is Honolulu. Hawaii is located to the east of Japan and Australia. A Japanese attack on the port of Pearl Harbor initiated the conflict between the two powers during World War II. This attack is occasionally shown in flashback.

    The tradition of referring to the police as the Five-O comes from a television series based around police in Hawaii. This colloquial term occasionally shows up in all media, including comics.


    DC Comics

    - All new Superboy writer, Karl Kesel produced a whole society of superheroes and villains wrecking through Hawaii, placing "The Aloha State" on the map in the DC Universe.

    - Honolulu, Hawaii was the main location in the title, Superboy (1994-2002).

    - Hawaii was home to Superboy for some time and had many of his adventures there.

    - Hawaii also held some of Superboy's greatest villains of that time such as Silver Sword, the Silicon Dragons, Sidearm, and King Shark.

    - Hawaii is also used as a destination for many characters who go there for a vacation, but then find that the islands are involved in some sort of plot. Such an example is Danger Girl: Hawaiian Punch.


    - Made first appearance in The Avengers #44.

    - Hawaii was a rehabilitation place for Black Widow after being injured during the time she fought alongside The Avengers and Hercules in a brutal battle near by.


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