Location » Haven appears in 5 issues.

    A violently active planet inhabited by mutants and humans. The mutants, descendants of Earth, control the humans with cruelty and fear.

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    The planet Haven is a tectonically active and dangerous planet. Despite this, it was named Haven by the mutants who came to live there.Haven was founded by mutants escaping persecution from Earth. Originally, the were led by Magneto, but he died fighting the evil Apocalypse before their arrival. For generations, the mutants searched the cosmos for a planet before arriving at Haven. The only original survivor was Wolverine, who survived due to his healing factor and long life span.

    After his death, his descendants ruled in his stead. But as the generations passed, less and less mutants were born. This caused the mutants to rule over the humans in fear that the past could repeat itself. Eventually, the mutants would become cruel and heartless and rule with little regard to the humans well being.

    In the 31st Century, Wolverine's fifth generation descendant was Rancor and she and only a handful of mutants remained. A resistance formed against them and the myth of the 'Overmen' grew stronger in the humans, claiming that men from space would come and liberate them. When the Guardians of the Galaxy arrived, they sided with Giraud and the Resistance. The people believed them to be the Overmen and began their revolt.

    But there were bigger plans for Giraud and Starhawk took him to his destiny - becoming the host of the Phoenix Force. The Guardians the the Phoenix defeated Rancor and the mutants and the Phoenix Force destroyed the planet to satisfy its hunger (Guardians of the Galaxy #11). Luckily, Starhawk used the power of the Phoenix to amp up the transporters on the Guardians' vessel - The Captain America II. All the humans were saved and sent to Main Frame's homeworld.


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