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    Radha Dastoor had within her a powerful mutant fetus that had stalled development and stayed within her as a sentient being. It had various abilities including the ability to act through its mother.

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     Haven hoped to bring about the destruction of three-fourths of the world, as predicted in Hindu prophecy.


    The fetus within Radha eventually caused its own birth, destroying its mother in the process. 
    The powers manifested through Radha included healing, telepathy, and dimensional portal control.   




    Born  into a wealthy family in the midst of poverty-stricken Bombay, India .Haven spent her life surrounded by the dichotomy of her own family's wealth and the utter poverty of the people living in the streets around her.

    While her father was a Hindu and her mother was a Zoroastrian, they taught her all of the major religions, and encouraged her to embrace the prophets of these religions. When she became old enough to see the disparity around her, she began praying, seeking a way to rectify the glaring differences she saw. She eventually came to the conclusion that there were no differences, and that she would spend her life helping those in need. She earned the name Haven while helping the poor children in Calcutta.  

    Eventually she met a man she felt she loved, and despite her upbringing, she gave into her passion. Though she genuinely loved the man, he grew weary of her and would later abandon her. Soon after this, she found she was pregnant. As the baby grew within her she began receiving messages of a rebirth the world would undergo called the Mahapralaya. An event that would see three-fourths of the world's population perish, but would ultimately result in a new breed of humanity rising up and taking control. As she was receiving these messages, she also began exhibiting the powers she would later utilize in her quest.

    Dastoor later discovered that her child was the Adversary. She was killed after birthing him. 

    Powers and Abilities


    The powers she appeared to possess were actually those of the fetus that resided inside of her that eventually killed her upon being born. The fetus itself was the power. 

    X-Men: The Animated Series


    Haven appears in  Sanctuary, Part 2 (Episode 52)     when Fabian Cortez is addressing the world  



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