Hauptmann Englande

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    Hauptmann Englande is the Nazi version of Captain Britain from Earth-597. He lead the alternate version of Excalibur, the Lightning Force.

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    Hauptmann Englande first appeared alongside his team the Lightning Force in the early days of Excalibur. He originated from Earth-597, a world where Nazi's won World War II and took over the entire world. He and his team battled with the team Excalibur over the freedom of some of the comrades.


    Hauptmann Englande, like his team were created by acclaimed writer Chris Claremont, and Eisner award-winning art team of Alan Davis and Paul Neary.

    Major Story Arcs

    Cross-Time Caper

    Hauptmann Englande was first seen just before Excalibur began their Cross-Time Caper. He, along with the rest of his team; the Lightning Force entered Earth-616 in search of their Nazi version of Moira MacTaggert and Callisto - Reichsminister of Genetics and her bodyguard, respectively. In their quest to find their lost comrades, who had been pulled into Earth-616 reality by Widget, they began a turf war with the 'real' Excalibur. A fight broke out at the London Tower, where MacTaggert and Callisto were being detained, with the Lightning Force the victors. However, Excalibur regrouped and defeated the Lightning Force. When placed on trial for their deeds in facing off with Excalibur, a jury decided that they could not be held accountable for their actions Earth-616. Instead, Lightning Force and their versions of Moira and Callisto would be sent home to Earth-597 in exchange for the 616 versions of the missing doctor and her bodyguard.

    While the portal between dimensions was open, Earth-597 Moira used a grenade to insure there would be no invasion into her reality. In the explosion, MacTaggert, Callisto, the Lightning Force, and Excalibur vanished when the gate collapsed.

    It is this very event that caused Excalibur to become lost in the Marvel Multiverse, starting their Cross-Time Caper.

    Hauptmann reappeared when Brian Braddock of Earth-616 was put on trial for breaching the Corps Code of Conduct. He was also present to attend the wedding of Meggan and Brian Braddock.

    Alternate Realities


    Hauptmann Englande is known as Captain Britain in the world 616. Earth-616 is the primary world in Marvel Multiverse, in which most characters hail from, and spend their time within. Hauptmann was quite similar to Captain Britain of Earth-616. Both were in a relationship with Meggan and both lead their own team. Although, at the time of their encounter, Hauptmann's powers were at their strongest, unlike Captain Britain's, whose were temporarily drained due to the lack of Magic in the earth.


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