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Haunt Volume 1 Review

Although co-created by both Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane it's only Kirkman that writes the scripts for this volume. Kirkman does a terrific job of introducing all the key characters in this volume, as well as giving some exciting events as well. It is however the way that Kirkman puts the concept across in this volume that interests me the most, as despite one of them being a ghost the history between them adds a lot to their characteristics. Kirkman also shows the development of Haunt as a character brilliantly as well, as despite the similarities to McFarlane's most well known creation Spawn, Haunt proves to be a exciting character.

The art in the volume was shared between two fabulous artists, with Greg Capullo creating the layouts and Ryan Ottley producing the pencils. Added to this Todd McFarlane's marvellous inks along with FCO Plascencia wonderful colours and this has to be one of the best art teams ever assembled. The detail and layout of the art is simply breathtaking, with Capullo's the layouts being some of the most exciting and boldest that I've ever seen. Ottley also showed the characters expressions and emotions perfectly as well, with the sequence revealing Daniel and Kurt’s history being very impactful. Capullo and Ottley also give some of the mind blowing exciting action I’ve ever seen as well, with the explosive nature of Haunt adding a lot of excitement.

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