Team » Hauk'ka appears in 35 issues.

    A reptilian race with advance technology and members with individual powers

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    The origins of the Hauk'ka are still a mystery but they seem to be evolved Saurians who posses advance technology, culture and even their own deviants genetic strands created their version of mutants. There race is lead by the elders know as the Council of Elders. The race is particularly aggressive thinking of all other life forms as lower then themselves and possible meals, this when as far as been the other Saurians race who was less evolved who simply know as the People.

    The Conquering Storm

    When the X-Men arrived in the Savage Land they instantly became the target of the Hauk'ka with Rachel Summer's been their prime target as she could serve for their upcoming plot. The powerful telepath Kaidan used his powers to enter Rachel's mind and rewrite her memory making her believe she was one of them and when by the name R'Chel. Withing no time the X-Men became prisoners of the Hauk'ka and were imprison in their powerful citadel. It was there they revealed they were going to use Storm's weather control powers to form a hyper-storm that would bring a new ice age and once all life was dead they would took over. Using Rachel as power conductor for Storm the Hauk'ka would had nearly won if not been for the time intervention of the Savage Land Mutants and the now freed X-Men.

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