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    Hatter Madigan is the bodyguard to the Queen of Wonderland and head of the elite security force known as the The Millinery. The last order given to him by his Queen, Queen Genevieve, was to protect her daughter Alyss until she was old enough to rule.

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    Hatter M was created by Frank Beddor as a character in the Looking Glass Wars series. He has since been in graphic novel adaptations of the series.

    Character Evolution & Events

    Hatter M graduated High Cut (the very highest rank) from the Wonderland Millinery and quickly became a Royal Bodyguard. He protected his Queen, Queen Genevieve, for several years with great loyalty. When the Queendom became under attack by Genevieve's evil sister, Redd, he was tasked with keeping her daughter, Alyss, safe until she was old enough to rule. Madigan was able to escape the palace with Alyss and bring her to the Pool of Tears, a portal between Wonderland and the Earth World.

    Unfortunately when he went through the portal with her he lost his grip, sending them to different locations on Earth. Madigan ended up in Paris, France, while Alyss was in London, England.

    Madigan spent the next 13 years looking for Alyss, trusting those who deal with headwear above anyone else he encounters on Earth. During this period of time Madigan became a legend, a man who wielded many blades and traveled across Europe. Eventually Madigan discovers a book called 'Alice's Adventures Underground'. He tracks down the author of this book, Lewis Carroll, who points him in the direction of Alyss. Alyss, taken in by a family known as the Liddell's, is now 20 years of age and was scheduled to marry a man known as Prince Leopold. Hatter finds Alyss but is wounded before he can rescue her, and escapes back to Wonderland through the Pool of Tears.

    Upon his return to Wonderland he finds that Redd had taken over and that the remaining members of Genevieve's army have become a resistance, fighting in various small skirmishes against Redd's forces. Hatter is given medical attention at one of the resistance camps and joins in the fight against Redd.

    He then joins a guardsmen by the name of Dodge Anders, who saved Alyss. He also joins General Doppleganger, The Rook, The Knight, and Bibwit Harte. Together this band of resistance fighters make their way into the remnants of the Queendom. It is here that Madigan meets a skilled halfer ( half civilian, half Milliner ) who assists the group in finding the Looking Glass Maze.

    Hatter then joins the group in the climactic battle between Redd & Alyss, eventually defeating Redd and restoring the Queendom to it's former glory.

    After Alyss becomes Queen of Wonderland Madigan is granted leave due to the fact that he completed his final task and protected Alyss until she was old enough to rule. Madigan uses this time to find out what happened to a woman by the name of Weaver, his love interest. Madigan discovers the remnants of Weaver's last location, learning that she had his daughter and that her name was Molly. While Madigan is discovering this information Homburg Molly is kinapped by the King of Borderland, King Arch.

    Madigan returns to Queen Alyss with this new found information and goes against her direct orders. He makes his way into Borderland where he goes undercover and "joins" King Arch's forces. During his time in Borderland he discovers that Weaver was in fact, alive and well, and that she has been tricked into staying with King Arch. He then devises a plan to escape from Borderland with both Weaver and their daughter, Molly. Together the three are able to escape from their prison and make their way back into Wonderland, all while Redd has returned and is once again attacking the Queendom.

    Just as all seems lost and Alyss believes she is to lose the battle against her wicked Aunt Madigan reaches her through his communicator. He tells her of a weapon that Arch had designed that would be able to cause massive destruction, possibly winning the fight against Redd. As Redd's forces march upon the palace Madigan activates the weapon, known as W.I.L.M.A ( Weapon of Inconceivable Loss and Massive Annihilation ) , causing both Alyss & Redd to lose their magical Imagination powers, which forces Redd and her remaining forces to retreat. It is during this battle that his lover, Weaver, is killed.

    After the battle Madigan and his daughter, Molly, return to Talon's point, the location of Weaver's makeshift camp, to mourn. Madigan makes various attempts to bond with his daughter, however they all fail and Molly shows great anger towards him. After some time Madigan believes that it is time for them to return back to the Queendom to serve Alyss, however they are interrupted by the Blue Caterpillar, an Oracle, who hints that the future has great plans for his daughter Molly.

    Due to the message given by the Oracle Madigan takes his daughter to Earth for safety. He brings Molly to the home of Lewis Carrol, explaining that if she'll be safe if she stays with him, and asks if she'll look for any hints that will help restore the Queendom. During this time King Arch from Boarderland was able to conquer Wonderland, transforming it from a Queendom into a Kingdom. Both Alyss and Redd go into hiding until their power is restored, though Alyss escapes to Earth during this time.

    Madigan once again joins the resistance forces to fight against King Arch and Redd, whose power was finally restored. Just as all seems lost his daughter Molly returns from Earth with Queen Alyss. Together the resistance forces with Madigan, Molly, and Alyss join a massive three way battle against Redd and King Arch. Madigan and his daughter Molly survive this battle and help restore the Queendom to it's former glory.

    It is unknown if Madigan resumes his position as the Queen's bodyguard after the Looking Glass War's.


    The Hat

    Every graduating member of the Wonderland Millinery is awarded with a unique hat made from materials only found in Wonderland. The power and rank of a hatter are determined by the hat and its blades. Every hat is dangerous, but the one owned by Hatter M is said to surpass all others. Hatter Madigan's hat was specifically made for and bound to him. In addition to that, he and his hat trained together for 12 lunar cycles to perfect their fighting skills and style. The Hat is like a loyal falcon and will obey none but Hatter Madigan. When thrown from his hand, the Hat unfurls into a dervish of blades to attack or defend and then boomerangs safely back into the hand of its master.


    Hatter M seems to carry an inexhaustible supply of assorted blades. In truth, Hatter's blades come from his own body. The blades have been studied and in them was found an element called alchemite, whose properties allow it to arrange different elements into any metal. Hatter M has the ability to turn his blood (a pure liquid alchemite) into blades which are then forced out of his skin and kept in his coat.


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