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Haseo is an adept rogue capable of wielding multiple weapons unlike other classes in the World R:2. He is a Player Killer Killer formally known as a PKKer. Haseo first experience in the World started casual with two more experienced players IYOTEN and Asta showing him the ropes. Haseo was taught the basics and lead the Beast Temple the goal point upon entering every battlefield. Only instead of allowing the newcomer Haseo gain his prize the experienced players betrayed him.Asta revealed killing newbie players was her prize and struck down the teen. This was Haseo's first experience a player kill. Fortunately before Haseo was finished off he was saved by the enigmatic player he will come to know as Ovan.

Twilight Brigade

Haseo began his adventures upon joining the Twilight Brigade, the guild which was led by Ovan. He met others but was mainly focussed on the guild co-leader Shino. Much conflict for the Twilight Brigade came from the rival guild of TaN. The most significant encouter was at the Battlefield of Coiter-Bodher. Here the Twilight Brigade triumphed over TaN. Although Ovan dissappeared in the process and the Twilight Brigade fell apart soon after.

Shino's Fall

Haseo and Shino had grown very close and continued to venture the World together. This did not last long as tragedy was soon to fall. While awaiting Haseo at the Hulle Granz Cathedral, Shino encounter the deadly anomally known only as Tri-Edge. Haseo arrived in time to see Shino and a grim figure in red leaving the scene leaving his triangluar signature burned into the altar where the Goddess of the World once rested. Haseo vowed revenge and began the path of the PKKer to grow stronger in order to strike down Tri-Edge.


Haseo became known as the Terror of Death upon enduring nonstop combat over a matter of six months. All the while searching for clues to encounter Tri-Edge as he reached level 133. Haseo coincidentally save the Harvest Cleric, Atoli from being Pked. She would later seek him out to repay the debt. Haseo is cold and uncaring as killing Tri-Edge and reviving Shino was of his utmost concern. Until he realized that Atoli had a similar character to that of Shino. This awarkward moment was halted upon a private message since to Haseo by none other than Ovan to return to the Hullez Granz Cathedral. Haseo returned to the place where it all began for him. Ovan is present and reveals that Haseo's target was just beyond the cathedral doors. Ovan departed entrusting Haseo to stop the villain and takes his leave without explaining his whereabouts. Haseo would save interrogating Ovan for later as the time had come to face Tri-Edge. Haseo came to face Azure Kite, the one many believed to be Tri-Edge. Haseo irrupted upon the Twin Bladed figure without mercy. Only to fail before Azure Kite's devastating Data Drain which severely damages Haseo's character and sends him back to level 1.


Haseo was restored by Yata and Pi who led Project G.U which was tasked to over see matters of the World. Haseo met Kuhn another player recruited by Yata as they both had the ability of the Epitaph Users. Haseo discovered within him was a power that would allow him to ascend above the average player and rival Azure Kite. Haseo was hesitant at first but a talk from Atoli and reflection on Kuhn's words brought Haseo back. This began the joint quest to solve the problem of the World in the form of AIDA and to discover the exact goal of Tri-Edge/Azure Kite.


This is the avatar of Haseo also ironically known as the Terror of Death. Skeith is able to assimilate data even that of other avatars. Skeith under goes the most transformations aside that of Haseo's own advancements due to Job Extensions.


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