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    Issue 44 features the Transformers brand team talking about the new combiner Bruticus, what we can expect to see at BotCon AND offers up us a cool figure preview. We also chat with the show producer behind the Transformers: The Ride attraction. Add in two all-new MTMTE profiles, a great new Allspark Almanac feature with special guest contributor Heather T. Smith, "A Flash Forward" Part two and other amazing content you get in this great issue of the TCC Magazine!


    • On the cover: Optimus Prime versus Megatron over the Hall of Fame trophy by Tomo Ishida, 2011 "Design a Cover" contest winner
    • Brian's Bytes and Bolts, From the Editor's Desk (inside cover)
    • Q&A with HASBRO! (p. 3)
    • Transformers: The Ride (pp. 4-5)
    • "A Flash Forward, Part 2" - comic story (pp. 6-11)
    • Profile: Sizzle (p. 12)
    • Profile: Jhiaxus (p. 13)
    • The AllSpark Almanac Addendum (pp. 14-15)
    • Transformers I.Q. trivia, Recordicons, Transformers I.Q. Last Issue Review (p. 16)

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