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    This issue highlights two big news items. First, we spotlight the new Transformers Prime toys, now being sold at select retailers, both at physical locations and online. (Stay tuned to the TCC for more info on when we will have these in stock at the Club store!)

    The other big piece of news is we now have a pre-order month for Runabout and Shattered Glass Drift. This marks our earliest release yet, as these will be available to all Club members for pre-order purchase starting in January, 2012 with an anticipated ship date of early March. If you were thinking of waiting to sign up at the March 16th* deadline to get these, you probably shouldn't! We expect these two club exclusives to go fast so if you need to join or renew, do it today!

    This is just the tip of the magazine iceberg as Issue 42 also has a great interview with the voice of G1 Tracks and Cosmos, Michael McConnohie, two all new MTMTE profiles, a retrospective article by Jim Sorenson and the finale to the 2011 Comic storyline "Battle Lines." A couple crazy twists has changed what you thought about this G1 story-line forever!

    All of this and more in the current Issue of the Transformers Collectors' Club Magazine!


    • On the cover: Transformers Prime Wheeljack
    • Brian's Bytes and Bolts, From the Editor's Desk (inside cover)
    • Screamers Retro-Views: Interview with Michael McConnohie (p. 3)
    • "It's 'Prime' Time!: A look at 'Transformers: Prime' First Edition Toys and Generations 2011 Wave 5!" (pp. 4-5)
    • Profile: Hauler (p. 6)
    • Profile: Devastator (p. 7)
    • "Gone But Not Forgotten, Part 2 by Jim Sorenson" with a look at Action Masters (pp. 8-9)
    • "Battle Lines, Part 6" - comic story (pp. 10-15)
    • 2011 membership drive "Fun Pub Photo Contest" winners (Jim Kinsey and Josh Castillejos), Recordicons (p. 16)

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