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    Year 5 of the TCC Magazine starts off with a bang as we head back to the Shatteredverse for the thrilling conclusion to our 5 year story arc. What awaits Landquake, Breakaway and Topspin in this strange, backwards Universe? Has Skyfall truly met his end? Where will they turn for help as things seem to go from bad to worse? All this and more in our next exciting issue! Artist Yuki Oshima of Kiss Play fame did us the great honor of creating an amazing cover for the "Do Over" prose story, which we also used as the cover to Issue 25.


    • Animated Tech Specs for Wheeljack and Laserbeak (p. 3)
    • Transformers: How It All Began, an interview with former Hasbro VP of Boy's Toys Marketing Bob Prupis (p. 3)
    • Hasbro Flashback - Hasbro employees reminisce about their experiences with the brand (p. 4-5)
    • TransTech Blackarachnia, Classics Topspin, and "Shattered Glass" Whisper - bios in the style of More than Meets the Eye (p. 6-8)
    • The Transformers Club Comic Years 1-4: Our Story So Far... a 1-page text recap of Balancing Act, Revelations, Crossing Over, and Transcendent. (p. 9)
    • Reunification: Part 1 - comic story (p. 10-15)
    • Around Cybertron, Rob's Hot Pick!: Cyclonus, and Mini Mayhem! (back cover)

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