Character » Harvid appears in 23 issues.

    Green Lantern Corpsman of Space Sector 2937.

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    Green Lantern

    Status: Active

    Space Sector: 2937

    Sector Partner: G'hu

    Homeworld: Unknown

    Predecessor: Unknown

    Successor: Inapplicable


    A Green Lantern for over one hundred years, Harvid was forced into retirement by the Guardians of the Universe. Although he had no duties to perform, he was allowed to keep his power ring. His quiet life was spent in his garden, tending his plants. Harvid first became a Green Lantern around the time Ghanrik, his brother, had disappeared. Harvid was proud of his abilities, but he knew his limitations. He would later fight Ghanrik, who controlled destructive heat blast powers. After overpowering him, Harvid gave Ghanrik over to the Guardians who placed him in solitary confinement for one hundred years. Although Harvid became older, the imprisonment seemed to retard some of the effects of Ghanrik's own aging. Ghanrik returned to face his brother after so many years had past between them. As the two battled, a storm brewed, the rain lashing at the two combatants. The years had weakened them, yet they continued to fight. Behind them, a dam overflowed to the breaking point. Working as one, they held the dam together. Harvid braced the dam with the power of his ring, Ghanrik used his heat blast to fuse the weakened material. Together, the two brothers repaired the dam. After the storm broke, the two laid down their arms, shared a bottle of wine and finally made peace.

    Despite the happy ending for Ghanrik, the same couldn't be said for Harvid's other brother, Haasp the Hunter. After Haasp went mad during his hunting of sentient beings, Harvid had Haasp committed to an Oan Sciencecell and opted for retirement from the Green Lantern Corps, a second time. Following the second restoration of the Corps, Harvid initially rejected their offer to return. However, after learning his brother had escaped the Sciencells and joined the Sinestro Corps, Harvid returned to the Corps once more. Harvid has made it his mission to find his missing brother and bring him back in the name of justice. The two have been clashed on more than one occasion ever since the Sinestro Corps War. However, every time Harvid tries to capture his brother, he hesitates due to their relation. Most recently in Sector 2937, Harvid failed to capture his brother again and faced an army of Manhunters. Alpha Lantern Boodikka saved him from the androids but put him on watch. The Alpha Lantern told him to capture Haasp without hesitation or he would be discharged from the Corps. Now, Harvid searches space for his evil brother knowing he may have to kill him when they face off again.

    Harvid has been partnered with G'hu upon the expansion of the Corps to 7200 members strong.


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