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    Harvey is a long standing publishing company that presents such lovable characters as Casper, the Friendly Ghost, Richie Rich, and Lil' Hot Stuff.

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    Harvey Comics was founded by Alfred Harvey in New York City in 1941. Alfred was joined by his brothers Robert B. Harvey and Leon Harvey, and they focused on licensed characters mostly from the animation company Famous Studios (from Paramount Pictures). Harvey Comics is also know to be one of the pioneers in 3-D comics in the 1950s. One of their original superheroes is deemed to be the first 3-D hero - Captain 3-D.

    The company is defunct since the 1990s.

    Some of the characters that Harvey published were:

    Golden Age

    • Atoma
    • Biff Bannon
    • Black Cat and Black Kitten (Harvey Estate)
    • Black Orchid (Harvey version)
    • Blazing Scarab
    • Blonde Bomber
    • Boy Explorers (owned by Simon/Kirby)
    • Boy Heroes
    • Boy's Ranch (owned by Simon/Kirby)
    • British Agent 99
    • Buck Johnson
    • Buckskin Boys
    • Cadet
    • Captain Colt
    • Captain Freedom
    • Captain Red Blaze and Spark
    • Captain Red Cross
    • Chief Justice and Jester
    • The Clown (Harvey version)
    • Crimson Raider
    • Dr. Diablo
    • Dr, Grimm, Ghost Detective
    • Dr. Miracle
    • Dr. Skull
    • Dr. Taboo
    • Firebrand (Chesler/Harvey version)
    • Firebug (Harvey version)
    • Fly-Man
    • Green Ghost (Hero)
    • Green Ghost II (Villian)
    • Green Hornet and Kato (Holyoke, Harvey, Monnstone, Dynamite)
    • Human Meteor (Harvey, Marvel)
    • Invisible Scarlet O'Neil (Eastern Color, Harvey)
    • Jackal (Harvey version)
    • Jim Cannon
    • Johnny Fox
    • Johnny Rebel (Chesler/Harvey)
    • Jungleman
    • Kilraye
    • King Walrus
    • Lady Satan (Chesler/Harvey)
    • Landor, Maker of Monsters
    • Magician from Bagdad
    • Mars Mason
    • Master Key
    • Mr. Q (Harvey version)
    • Nazi Shock Gibson
    • Neptina
    • Night Hawk (Harvey version)
    • Padlock Holmes
    • Pat Parker, War Nurse and the Girl Commandos
    • Phantom Sphinx
    • Red Blazer
    • Red Demon
    • Rurik, the Sea King
    • Scarlet Arrow
    • Scarlet Nemesis
    • Scarlet Phantom
    • Scarlet Sentry
    • Sceptre
    • Shock Gibson (Brookwood)
    • Smoke Carter
    • Speed Taylor
    • Spike Marlin
    • Spin Hawkins
    • Spirit of 76 (Harvey version)
    • Spitfire (Harvey version)
    • Steve Battle
    • Stuntman (owned by Simon/Kirby)
    • Ted Parrish, Man of 1,000 Faces
    • Texas Tyler
    • The Hand (Harvey version)
    • The Man in Black, called Fate
    • The Hand (Harvey version)
    • The Spirit (Quality, Fiction House, Harvey, Dark Horse, DC, Dynamite)
    • The Wasp (Harvey version)
    • Three Aces
    • Tigra (Harvey version)
    • Vagabond Prince
    • White Mask
    • Yankee Doodle Jones (Chesler/Harvey)
    • The Zebra

    Silver Age

    • 3 Rocketeers (owned by Simon/Kirby)
    • Bee-Man
    • Captain 3-D (owned by Simon/Kirby)
    • Captain Flower
    • Dynamite Joe (owned by Simon/Kirby)
    • Fighting American (owned by Simon/Kirby) (Prize, Harvey, Topps, DC, Dynamite)
    • Fruitman (owned by Warren Harvey)
    • Glowing Gladiator
    • Jack Quick Frost
    • Jigsaw (owned by Simon/Kirby) (Harvey version)
    • Magic Master
    • Miracles, Inc.
    • Pirana (owned by Simon/Kirby)
    • Sooper Hippie
    • Spyman (owned by Simon/Kirby)
    • Tiger Boy (owned by Simon/Kirby)

    Some of these characters have separate entries, while others do not.


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