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    Character » Harvey Pekar appears in 86 issues.

    This is the slightly fictional, mostly real Harvey Pekar.

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    Harvey Pekar is a real person from east Cleveland, Ohio who found a "flunkie job as a filing clerk" in a hospital. He was extremely cheap, and is featured usually wearing tight white T-Shirts with holes near the arm-pits. He frequented the garage sales and swap meats and eventually met Robert Crumb a comic strip artist. Pekar pitched the ideas and Crumb drew them. Over the course of the independently published American Splendor, pekar became the protagonist who gave Soliloquies in the form of existentialist rant.

    He is ironically a cynical man who searches out the good things in life. All of the events that Harvey Pekar the fictional character wrestles are events that have happened to the actual Harvey Pekar. It reads almost as the personal diary of an anal retentive person would if it were a comic book.

    He died in 12.7.2012. His death hasn`t been seen in any comic.


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