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Harvey Long is a contract killer who was caught, and prepared to testify against his employers. Before he could testify he was mysterious broken out of prison. He was then approached by Gottlieb, and offered a place in Erewhon.

Major Story Arcs

Wolverine/ Punisher

For more information see: Wolverine/Punisher

Harvey is broken out of prison and used as bait, by Oswald Zinn, to bring the Punisher to Erewhon. Unlike the other men Zinn used a bait, Harvey has been given a guardian angel, the X-man Wolverine. Zinn has set it up that the Punisher would be on Harvey's trail to kill him but Wolverine would be on his trail to bring him back to justice, where he would testify against his former crime bosses.

Harvey makes it close to Erewhone before he is attacked by the Punisher, and Wolverine saves Harvey's life. This leads to Wolverine and Punisher fighting it out in the jungle, while Harvey escapes to Erewhon. There he finds Zinn and Victoria. Harvey thinks he is safe but instead it is revealed he has out lived his usefulness and is quickly executed.

His severed head is then presented to the Father as a gift/ offering.


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