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    Harvester is a member of the Assassins Guild and was one of the assassins in the hit-squad that was sent to kill Scarlet Spider.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Life after Death

    For more information see: Scarlet Spider: Life After Death
    Harvester is a member of the Assassins Guild and part of the team Bella Donna sent to kill Kaine.


    For more information see: Scarlet Spider: The Big Leagues
    Harvester is killed by Candra when she returns as "Red Death", after Harvester and other Assassins Guild members tried to stop her from killing them and gain power.

    Deadpool: Assassin

    For more information see: Deadpool: Assassin
    Harvester is hired to kill Charlie the man Deadpool has been paid to protect. Harvester uses his speed to get the drop on the Merc with the Mouth while in a crowd at Martie Gras, but Charlie gets away. Later, Harvester has his head chopped in two but a dismembered arm of Razor-Fist, which Deadpool threw at him from a trolley.

    Powers and Abilities:

    Harvester seems to be a very capable swordsman on top of this he has superhuman speed. It is unknown exactly how fast Harvester can move but the Scarlet Spider remarked he couldn't initially follow his movements and that before realizing Harvester was a person thought that it was just the wind moving round him.


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