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    Harvester is an energy based life form that had come to earth in order to 'harvest' the earth to be consumed by his race. However his plans were thwarted by the efforts of the mutant shaman Nate Grey a.k.a X-Man, who sacrificed himself to make the earth 'inedable'.

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    Millions of years ago the harvester race sent a swarm of parasites to Earth with latched onto the planets early lifeforms. This was in order so that one day when the Earth had 'ripened' the harvesters could then consume the life force of all living being on the planet.


    Harvester was created by Steven Grant and Quique Alcatena as a final opponent to finish off the original X-Man title.

    Major Story Arcs:

    X-Man: Till the End of the World.

    Thirty years ago the Harvester resived a signal indicating that the time of Earth's ripening was soon approaching, indicated by

    Harvester emerging on Earth
    Harvester emerging on Earth

    the sudden spurt in mutation of the dominant species. The Harvester then proceeded to Earth, traveling in a black sphere. Crash landing in Kansas, the Harvester emerged from his transport to find an elderly farmer couple, who had come to investigate the crash site. The Harvester then absord both of the couple in order to create a physical shell sited to Earth's inhabitants. Over the next thirty years the Harvester proceeded to work unditected readieing Earth for harvesting.

    Harvester as a human
    Harvester as a human

    The Harvester had made his base of opperation in the home of couple he had killed, and over the course of this work he had slowly taken control over the minds of the residents of the local town. That was with the exeption of one Michael Dorie, young mutant telekinetic, sort to excape the control of the Harvester so using his powers carved an enormous 'HELP US' in a crop field, befor grabing his girlfriend and fleeing the town.

    Soon discovering Michael the Havester recaptured him and earased his distress call. However, unfortunately for the Harvester the s.o.s had already been seen by the mutant shaman, Nate Grey, who then came to investigate. Though

    Nate defeating Harvester
    Nate defeating Harvester

    reluctantly Michael brought Nate before the Harvester and a struggle then commenced. It was durring the fight that the Harvester then revealed that his work had caused him to become linked to all living things on the planet, and so if he felt pain all the people of Earth would feel pain too. This caused Nate to back down in which the Harvester then revealed the true nature of his plan, and began the process of converting Earth's life-energy in to food for his

    people. Nate realized that he only had one option, he grappled the Harvester and converted both of the beings in to energy and merged himself and the Harvester with every living organisum of Earth, this seemingly killed both but the added energies to the Earth now made it inedable to the Harvesters race. Witnessing Nate's selfless sacrifice Michael chose to become Nate's succesor as the new mutant shaman.

    In recent times Nate Grey has returned to the phsical realm, thus removing his energies from the Earth's, what this meen for the Harvester's future is unknown.

    Powers & Abilities:

    The Harvester in a being made of energy and thus has many energy based

    X-Man vs Harvester
    X-Man vs Harvester

    powers. Including the ability to manipulate energy on a planetary scale, as well as being able to absorb living beings in order to create a phisical shell for himself.

    He also demonstrated that he had become linked to all living this on Earth, meaning if he felt pain so did everyone else, sort of like a living voodoo doll.

    Harvester also poccesses some telepathic abilities, though mutants seem to have some level of resistance to this ability.

    Like all of his spiecies Harvester feeds upon the life force of planets, but can not consume life force energy that has been contaminated by other forms of energy.


    • Height: 6'10''
    • Weight: 315 lbs
    • Hair: Bald
    • Eyes: Red
    • Unusual Features: Strange striped pattern all over his body.

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