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    A Japanese fisher-woman who later became a Young God.

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    Chi Lo first appeared in She was a Japanese farmer. She briefly had also attended university in the the city of Tokyo. Hower Chi Lo decided to return to her small town and continue her life as farmer, content with the simpler life. At Odin's command, Heimdall appears to Chi Lo and offers her a greater path in her destiny. She leaves with Heimdall away from her life of farming and fishing, and he leads her to the place where she meets the other members of her new clan, Carter Dyan and Jason Kimbell. When Ego-Prime was about to transform the world into another living planet like Ego. Ego-Prime's energy was absorbed into Chi Lo and two others, transforming them into a new generation of gods.

    Soon the Agardian trio named the Warriors Three seek out Chi-Lo and these new Gods recruiting them into their campaign. However Fafnir confronts the Warriors Three and savagely attacks them. Chi-Lo and the other Young Gods act and rescue them from Fafnir.


    Harvest is a Marvel comic book character. Created by Gerry Conway and John Buscema she first appears in the episode titled "They Walk Like Gods" in the pages of Thor #203 released in September 1972. Many of the details of the character are first introduced in Spectacular Spider-Man #8 released in 1998. The character would also receive substantial development in the Marvel Comics Presents series.

    Character Evolution

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    One thousand years ago, the Celestials announced that they would return in a millennium to judge humanity. The male godheads of the various pantheons agreed to prepare to battle them. Fearing that the Celestials were too powerful, Gaea gathered the female godheads and formed an alternate plan: to prove humanity's worth by choosing 12 individuals, each one representing the best of a human activity, knowledge, endeavor or talent (such as music or hunting), making them into gods, and putting them into a magical sleep under the Earth, watched over by goddesses (each pantheon taking turns) until the Celestials returned.

    After a failed attack by the Asgardians, Gaea presented the Young Gods to the Celestials who accepted them, judging that Earth would survive. They then left for space, taking the Young Gods with them to educate them.

    Major Story Arcs

    Return to Earth

    When the High Evolutionary launch his Evolutionary War, he came to visit the Young Gods because of their perfect genetics, but was disappointed and retreat, deciding to avoid them from his plans. However, Daydreamer's precognition informed them from the incoming Genocide, causing the Gods to split in two sides: The non-interferes from a side, and the interferes, including Harvest who didn't want to see the Holocaust reproduced.

    Those teleported to the High Evolutionary's place and helped Spider-Man against the Purifiers but were soon rejoined by the rest of the squad who battle them.

    War of the Eternals

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    After years of waiting on the silent and unmoving Celestials for a sign, the Young Gods go mad and descend into deviant behavior for the hopes of even the slightest acknowledgement. They then decide that the Celestials must wish for them to use their powers and act on their own. Upon deciding this, the group left the Celestials' spacecraft and returned to Earth, where they intended to use the consciousness of all humans on the planet to create a new Celestial. They decide to start with the island nation of Madripoor and extend outwards.

    Upon learning of this, the Eternals, who were unaffected by the Young Gods' power to drain consciousness, encountered and attempted to stop them. Harvest captures the Eternal Makkari on the beachfront which Moonstalker had lured him to. They take him to the lair in which Calculus and Splice are working on new armor for the Celestial. When Harvest attempts to kill Makkari she is attacked by Ajax and she is subdued. Eventually, the Eternals convince Varua that the Celestials may have been testing them with their silence and coming to Earth may be the wrong choice. While Varua hesitates to ponder the possibility of being wrong, she is killed and Harvest and the other Young Gods who had not been killed during battle with the Eternals immediately fall to the ground, seemingly dead.

    Characteristics and Appearance

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Black

    Height: 5'6"

    Weight: 122 lbs

    Identity: Secret Identity

    Citizenship: Japanese

    Marital Status: Single

    Base Of Operations: Earth-616, The Celestials' mother-ship, formerly Japan

    Relatives: None known

    Power and Abilities

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    Harvest is a mutate with abilities of a plant elemental. She has the meta-human ability to grow plants at an exhilarated rate bringing them to enormous sizes. Harvest also has total control over plant life and can wield them into forms and actions with an amazing high degree of detail. She can also communicate with vast green spaces.

    Through the genetic engineered gifts granted her Harvest has mutated human physical condition. She is imbued with a high degree of strength, speed, endurance, physical resistance, agility, and reflexes possessed are considered superhuman. She can exert herself at maximum effort for far longer than most humans can endure.


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