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    Harvest » Harvest #5 released by Image on January 1, 2013.

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    That's It?!?!

    Alright, so this mini-series started off interesting, and the biggest down fall was the ending. This could have continued. This should have continued.

    Basically the series was about a surgeon named Ben Dane. He causes the death of a woman on the operating table and looses his license, gets mixed up in an organ trading scheme, redeems himself by turning against the organ harvesters, and is going to save lives. He is going to remove the illegal organs and put them in people who need it.

    The illegal harvesters are out to kill him. He has a body guard, an Asian assassin who he helped in the first issue.

    This builds up awesome. It was kind of promoted as a horror title, but it's really an action thriller. Then the end comes. It's the same kind of problem I had with the ending of Alpha Girl from Image.

    See Alpha Girl was never promoted as a mini series, but was delayed and delayed and delayed. It took 10 months to do 5 issues, and wasn't on an every other month schedule. All of a sudden issue 5 comes out as the end of the mini-series. Character fates were unresolved, and the ending felt like, "see you next issue!". But there isn't a next issue.

    Harvest was always planned to be a mini-series, but the ending feels like and ending setting up issue 6. It should be long going, because I don't feel that this was a satisfying ending. It also raises more questions than answers.

    This could be forgiven if we could get a Harvest 2, but who knows. Everything else in the book was great. It even had a twist I didn't see coming, but should have.

    Please Image, and A.J. Lieberman, do a sequel. Or at least come back and do more issues so we can see Ben get his final closure and better payoff.

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